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Worst cooking experince


12 Jul 2003
What's your worst cooking experience? Personally, I cannot name one for the sole reason that there are too many. For instance, I melted one of those big plastic spoon thingies about a week ago or burned the pot (due to leaving the burner on, which I have never done before). When I was 7 or 8, I made grilled cheese in the microwave that .....Ummm....well...when we took it out, it was in flames. You should have seen what I did to the poor cream of wheat.....oh and actually making grilled cheese on the stove....::cough:: black::cough:: Basically I cannot cook. It's rather....amusing, though.
I remember when I was a little kid I always wanted to make secret potions and stuff,, anyways this one day when I was (I believe,) 7 years old I took a mug, poured maple syrup in it, put it in the microwave for 40 seconds, took it out, after that I somehow managed to drink it (I guess I had figured it'd be another magic potion I was needing to quaff,) but sadly afterwards I still didn't have facial hair and I had a sore-throat for about two or three days.

(,, wait a second, to this day I still don't have any facial hair,... so maybe drinking microwaved maple syrup at a young age will help preserve your youth? heh ,, that'd be quite the discovery.)

The Other day I was making a hamburger in a frying pan and after I was done making it I made the mistake of putting cold water in the pan. That thing exploded all over me ruined the shirt I was wearing and it got me soaking frickin' wet, and it screwed up this poster I had in my kitchen. The worst though is being burned by grease, that sucks!!! :(
Well, my sister was trying to make Easy Mac. and she put the noodles in the boul and forgot to put the water and then she put it in the Microwave. Let's just say it was burnt black when it came out of the Mircowave. -_- But I don't really have a bad cooking experience cuz. I know how to cook. :p
Crispy Junkfood

A diebetic patient asked me to bake him a roast. I set the oven on preheat, 350 degrees. About 20 minutes later the smoke detectors started going off. I didn't look in the oven before I turned it on. Little did I know he was hiding all his forbidden deserts in there. I roasted about 25 dollars of assorted sweets. He did think my roast came out with a slight Twinkie flavor!
My mom's teaching me how to cook while my dad's away cause he's the one who cooks so it's the perfect opportunity. We started w/french toast tonight. 16 and I can't took french toast or pancakes. No one ever taught me how to cook. No real accidents yet, but guess who dropped the fork in the batter.
well, since I moved away from home about a year ago and didn't really want to live only from fast food or have friends cook for me (though some are great at it :) ) I try to cook myself. but I'm hooooorrible at it.... the last terrible thing was when I tried to make some spiced rice, and somehow I ended up with some reddish, glue-like wet half-cold taste-less unedible mass that still left your mouth burning... eeeewww... I should visit a cooking course... maybe I will too learn what some of those plants are that I see in the local Asian supermarkets, but I've no idea what they are exactly there for. :)
my sister was cooking and i was doing the dishes(or something at the sink anyway) so put a towl too close to the burner it caught on fire she picks it up turns around while at the same time going for the sink and yelling MOVE! so i as a natural reflect dont move but look up at here to see this flaming towl right in my face i managed to duck but not befor it singed my hair
sum things up... I set my old house on fire...fire engines came and we had to move out for a month while builders repaired the damage... I wasn't to popular with the family for a while...we have a new home now though :)
my stupidity

I never cook,maybe once,
I would just put the noodles into a bowl,add some water,and probably some fish or sauages or some other things,
and then put it in the microwave.

few years ago I was watching NBA playoffs,cheering for my favourite team Orlando Magic because it was losing to the Miami Heats,I got hungry and just wanted to make noodles,
I put the noodle into a plastic bowl which is used for putting into microwave,but I forgot to add water into it and I just put it into the microwave.
my stupidity 2

so then I went back to watch the game,cheering and jumping as the Magic played so hard,about a minute later I smelt something bad,but I kept my eyes on the TV,and then during the commercial break I went back to the kitchen,
and found there is big hole on the bowl due to the heat.

then I went like 'holy ****,gotta clean up this mess before dad comes home',then I cleaned up everything and saw my dad's car just arrived,
so I quickly tried to hide the plastic bowl in somewhere of the kitchen.
but later he found it out and just threw it to the dumper outside my house.
Yeah... I've been known to check my computer while I'm cooking and getting some extra crispy steaks in the process. :D

My worst cooking experience was with an ex-girlfriend, when she invited me home for a special lunch (special in the way that she was cooking) and I can still remember it was chicken with some weird cream sauce, so after the third bite I was starting to feel a bit nauseous and started to think "oh, god! There's so much in the plate!". The problem was that my girlfriend at the time was very sensitive and insecure about herself so I had to "take it like a man" and clean half a plate.

I said I wasn't very hungry though I had enjoyed the meal (not)...
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