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World Yo-Yo Contest Live Stream

nice gaijin

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8 Aug 2005
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As some of you may or may not know, I'm a little plugged into the worldwide yo-yo community. I was first introduced by a friend I met during my college days in Japan, and after we graduated I helped him found his company, Rewind, which has since expanded to have stores in Nagoya and Tokyo, and an annex store in California, Yo-Yo USA

Yo-Yo is a pretty amazing little skill toy, and has come a long way from what you probably picture when you think of "yo-yo." There are FIVE different divisions of competitive yo-yo freestyles: single-hand string trick (1A), double-hand looping (2A), double-handed string tricks (3A), off-string (4A), and counter-weight (5A). Contests are held all over the world, from small regional contests to national and international contests. The World Yo-Yo Contest has started traveling around the world, rotating each year between Europe, Asia and American cities.

Last year I helped my friends organize the World Yo-Yo Contest in Tokyo, and this year the contest is being held in Cleveland Ohio. I'm not able to attend this year but thanks to modern technology, we can enjoy the action from afar! The livestream can be seen here, Enjoy! 2016 World YoYo Contest Live Stream - Day 1 - YoYoNews

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