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Working visa and previous visits...


29 Feb 2016
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An oddly specific question, but maybe someone here can shed some light.

I was recently hired by one of the big Eikaiwa, my CoE is processing. Time is a little tight, so I'm worried that if anything's out of place I won't be able to leave on time, causing everyone hassle.

My problem, maybe, is that I visited Japan fresh out of high school. My application paperwork asked for any previous trips to Japan, so I listed it.
After having a look at the actual work visa form I need to complete once I get the CoE there's also a question about previous visits to japan, dates etc.

The visit was for 2 months in 2002. I didn't break any laws, nothing went awry - had an excellent time and went home.

My worry is that I don't seem to have any record of the trip. The passport I traveled on expired half a decade ago and has long disappeared, probably thrown away moving house.

Does Japan actually keep records back that far of who enters on tourist visas? Is there anywhere that would still have an accessible record of my holiday? Am I going to run into delays not having any actual paperwork that shows my visit? Should I be stressing? My recruiter asked for copies of the old passport to show my visit, but didn't seem especially upset when I couldn't provide it.

Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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You're stressing over nothing. They don't care about a tourist visit, especially one when you were still a kid.
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