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Working in Yokosuka - Where to live?


May 12, 2013
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So it looks like I'll be changing jobs from Okinawa to Yokosuka.

I'm not overly fond of the idea of living in Yokosuka itself, though it seems a nice enough place from my one day visit, it just seems like it might be more fun to live in Yokohama. I have a reasonably good housing allowance, so cost isn't a major factor.

It's looking like a 35 - 45 minute commute depending on where in Yokohama, which doesn't seem horrible (though it's long compared to my current 15 minute drive). I'd like to be someplace lively and interesting, preferably close to Keikyo for easier commute, and generally friendly and walkable for groceries and such. I plan to leave my car at work (I do home visits, so it's really for that) and have a motorcycle for anything for which I don't want to use public transport.

Sadly, Yokohama wasn't on my radar when I took a trip to mainland, so I didn't wander around there and get a feel for things.

So does this sound like a terrible plan based on commuting issues and Yokosuka living vs. Yokohama living?

If not, what areas of Yokohama might I want to check into (I'll have a couple/few months stay in temporary housing while I look for a place, so no massive rush, just trying to narrow the focus a bit)?