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Working Holiday Question - Ideal funds


12 Feb 2006
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As per title,

I'll be doing a working holiday in Japan, leaving in December. Accommodation is sorted for the first couple of months, as I'll be living with my girlfriend. Just as a bit of background, I have a bachelors degree and have passed the JLPT N2. Have studied in Japan for a year on exchange, and have been countless other times as a tourist. Initial plans are to work in English teaching, and hopefully get some other work on the side (I'm aware there are restrictions on the working holiday visa).

The minimum required funds according to the Japanese consulate is AU $2500 (after airline ticket purchase). Living independently, this seems like no where near enough. What would be an accurate sum of money to make the move somewhat comfortable? What kind of hidden costs can I expect?

Getting my own apartment is on the cards. Depending on location etc., the deposit/fees can be upwards of 50,000 yen. I've guesstimated I'll need at least 100,000 JPY to make the move, though I'm keen to hear others opinions. Thanks.
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