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10 Dec 2002
can you dudes check out my site and see if it is working correctly in your browsers? I just translated it to japanese and I have had no problems yet but its always wrth throwing out to se what issues people might have.. of course you do not have to just bug test it. enjoy it to and give me some feedback.. suggestions.. anything


domo arigato

Joshua Dearing
[email protected]
Hi Joshua, I checked your site in IE 6.0, Mozilla, Opera 7.0, NS 7.0 and even NS 4.79, it works perfectly in all browsers, very impressive! I was wondering how you were able to display that scrollbar, I just realized it's Javascript.

Two thumbs up!

thank you very much Thomas... I have been giving it the run through pretty tuff on Mac and PC and I think its holding up well except for a few little things .. but the lowest browser I support is Netscape 4.08 PC and on Mac IE 5.. (I hate 4.5 IE mac)

I got the scrollbar from this dudes site eee.ghtml.com
its called the majic scrollbar

and boy it is.... Its a little slow in Netscape 6.2 and 7 but it runs sweet in IE and Netscape 4

Ill be in tokyo and Osaka and Sapporo in July if anyone wants to meet up with me and my lady... i just love green tea frappachino (preferabbly in the shibyua starbucks)


Josuha, I do wish I could meet you and your dear lady IN July. Unfortunately, I'm on a budget, and the "mission is impossible" all the best on your mission, and I wish you all the love and luck a friend could wish for!!! 🙂 🙂
I updated my site again

dEaringfilm has been updated for the month.. 2 new interviews Yuko Kunugiyama and Yoshihiro Murata

Next month interviews with Miki Ariyama and Howard Chan

Also 2 new photo galleries Party March 2003 and Graffiti

Even better stuff coming up.. I am interviewing and photo shooting a few import models and a pretty famous Korean model.. along with normal peeps too

enjoy and write me :)

joshua dearing
Great site. Pretty easy to navigate and your use of simple solid colors contrasts nicely with your photos (which btw are very crisp and clean--good job). My only suggestion is I really felt that the right-hand side was a bit under represented with all that black. Perhaps a simple wallpaper or some other low-key element might give it a bit more of a dynamic visual to compliment both "halves". Aside from that, it's a really nice site--good job. :cool:
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