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Won't let me post messages in forum


The Entertainer (^_~)
6 Apr 2003
Hi, Every time i try to reply to a message, it asks me to sign in again, even though i am already signed in, and so when i type my username and password, and click Login, it says, "welcome Sakura, please wait" and then goes straight back to asking me to login again. Also i noticed bottom of pages says, Not allowed to reply, or add threads. Why is this? I have only just registered. Did i register wrong, or do i need to wait a while longer before i can use membership? (I followed link in my e-mail i recieved to activate membership.)
It's Ok, it seems to be working now, but wont let me delete the message that i first posted. (above)
anyway, sorry to have bothered you, i should have been more patient, i was trying to use straightaway. But it's all sorted now. Thankyou.
Just on a short note: if errors like these occur just delete all cookies on your PC and try to login again.
Sorry to bother you again, but same thing is happening tonight. I have tried to logout and clear cookies then log back in, but still not working. What am i doing wrong? Is there problem with system?
Sound like a cache-problem to me.

You change your browser-settings in a way that it will load each page from the internet, instead of your browser-cache.

This problem probably only happens on pages that you have already viewed, while you're not logged in.
Once you do log in, your browser get's the old page from your browser-cache, which probably doesn't read the (right) cookie.

I guess reloading/refreshing the page should also work in this case.
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