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wondering about buddy.


13 Apr 2003
i was wondering if someone who resides in japan can call my buddys cell number and ask if its still his number.

I spent a year in japanese highschool as a foreign exchange student in 01-02 and im planning a return trip to japan and wanted to meet up with takayuki, so i recharged my old cell phone and got his number of the phone, but when i called it a lady picked up and having not kept up on my japanese studies, my mind went into a blank and i didnt know how to phrase how to ask in japanese, so i asked in english and all i ended up was confusing her and i hung up. So now im kinda nervous to call back and i was wondering if anyone could call and verify if it is still his number.

His name is takayuki suzuki, but we call him taka for short.

his number is 09044699348

Umm..How old is this Takayuki? Is he still in highschool? I know a Takayuki that's somewhere between 17 & 19. Where did you go to school at? I can't call him for you but it can't hurt to ask either.
he is 19 and he now attends Uni in Chiba. I went to school at Iwata Higashi Highschool in Iwata city in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Okay. Well I think that it's probably not the same person. I haven't talked to my Takayuki for awhile but I did talk to him again the other day. I'll try to ask him about it and see what he says about it. Good luck!
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