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Women turning their back on Japan


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Emancipation テ? la japonaise.

More Japanese women seeking jobs abroad

Fed up with male-dominated and seniority system-bound Japanese companies, an increasing number of women believe working abroad, especially in China and elsewhere in Asia, could be the solution. [...]

The number of job openings in Asian countries is increasing as more Japanese companies are cutting the number of employees dispatched from the headquarters in Japan to branches abroad amid the deteriorating economy at home, Hata said, adding that the companies are trying to recruit Japanese as local hires so they can cut labor costs, including salaries and transfer fees.

"There is a good chance women can get a job abroad because the barriers for professional skills are lower if you have high-level foreign language ability, and women tend to have better language skills than men. Besides, there isn't such a strong male society in the business world there."

=> http://www.japantoday.com/e/?content=news&cat=3&id=244619
i kind of wish there was a meeting of the minds... it would be good if some of the antiquated ideals were gone, thus reducing the need for such actions
I couldn't find the full article on-line, but doesn't this strike anyone as really odd? Not the women looking for better oppertunities thing (oh how they deserve it), but companies hiring Japanese workers to work in a foreign location at foreign wage levels? If you are going to pay Person A the same as Person B, why base your decision on which one has the same nationality as you? Don't tell me there aren't a bevy of Japanese speaking Koreans, Chinese, or other Asian workers who could fill the same job.

Other Asian countries not male dominated? Since when? Maybe less than Japan, I honestly don't know, but don't let The Man sell working abroad as gender equality heaven.

Oh, but I forgot, they want Japanese workers, who they will probably be more willing to promote even if they are women. Ah, now it all seem clear...
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