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Should wolves be allowed and/or accepted in domestic/residential societies? Why?

  • Ban wolves from domestic societies.

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  • Ban wolves from residential locations.

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  • Allow wolves in residential areas with restrictions.

    Votes: 3 75.0%
  • Keep wolves out of California all together.

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  • Build compounds in all states where wolves are found.

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  • Keep wolves at bay. Donate to wolve foundations.

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  • Who really cares about wolves?

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • What are the pros and cons of wolves in every day society?

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  • Support research centers to update vacines for wolves.

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Help foundations to understand and bring wolves back into their original capacity in all states.

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Wolf is ookami 狼 and coyote is koyoute コヨーテ (there are no wolves or coyote in Japan). I second Ami's question; hard to have a discussion when no one wants to be the first at bat. Care to throw us something Grunt?

What do you mean by "domestic societies?" Do you mean wolves have no place at all with humans in any capacity neither in zoos nor in the wild, or do you mean something like not keeping wolves in the home?
I would support allowing a shoot on site policy for wolves that encroach on ranches or threaten livestock, which is the compromise in effect for most of the Western US I believe, but otherwise let them roam as freely as possible and leave it up to the humans to find a way out.
actually i thought he meant as far as keeping them as pets. as its not really uncommon in california, or texas for that matter. but i have known several people in cali to keep wolves, though it wasnt in los angeles or anything, more rural areas had them. i dont really see a problem with that, as long as the person whos keeping them knows that they are doing, because as much as they look like dogs they are still wild animals. my step-grandfather used to keep mountain lions in his back yard (in cali as well) in an area with population of 300,000. they had a special area much like a zoo habitat. when they werent outside hed keep them in the house, it was fun playing with them as a kid.
So Hated ??

Funny, they talk about bringing wolves back into northern Maine where there are few people and no livestock, and people were strongly against it ! They decided the wolves would eat all the deer and moose and leave none for the hunters. We have a large coyote population in some areas and they hunt them year round and even at night as well as trapping them to kill them all off. Again the reason being they want all the game for hunters. I have a hard time understanding the reasoning behind killing and hating ?

Re: so hated ??

Same in Germany, those who are strongest opponents of re-introduction of wolves are the hunters.
But in Eastern Germany wolves are migrating back naturally from Poland. Since we have a strong ecological movement they are allowed to stay (as long as they don't get too close to heavily populated areas, I suppose). Actually, it is even illegal to shoot them, yet several wolves have been shot in the past years.
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