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23 Oct 2002

I noticed like most of you have a picture just above your post name on threads, I'm new here, as a matter of fact just signed up 20 mins ago *lol* How do I get a picture above my account name?

Jenna, a.k.a Jey:)
welcome and yoroshiku.

Go to user cp (it's just under the orange Japan in the banner above) then choose edit options. It should be towards the bottom of the page. IF you still have problems post back here again.
Ahhhh, that's what it was. Domo san.

Hehe, do you have a domo kun doll thingy at home? toysRus Japan sells them. So funny ... dooommmoooo doooommooo

Actually, i don't. Nobody has ever heard of Domo Kun in Holland.
A friend of a friend is coming over from Japan in november. I asked her to buy me a Domo Kun doll, but she didn't live in Tokyo and they were always sold out in her area.

I found a website in Singapore which sells some stuff, but if i order one more thing from the internet my girlfriend is going to kill me. :(
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