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Witch Hunter Robin


11 Jan 2004
Witch Hunter Robin- has anyone truly watched this anime? I believe it is an amazing storyline and powerful characters. I also watched it in the original format, Japanese, with English subtitles. I think watching anime the real way is better then the dubbed.

But for those of you who don't know what Witch Hunter Robin is, here's a brief summary of the storyline:

Witches now exist in Japan. Only instead of using the Craft for good like their ancestors, they use the Craft for criminal acts. It is SNT-J's job to get rid of the warlocks. The Witch Hunters use a chemical called Orbo to protect themselves from the warlock's powers.
Enter Robin Sena, a replacement member with the power to use fire to her will. Robin is disliked greatly by the head member, Amon, but is extremely useful.But Robin is not what she seems. Dive deeper into the secrets of Robin.
Yeah, Witch Hunter Robin is a good anime. The theme of the story is also very interesting. In the beginning, I thought that it has one of those "generic" Gothic / Witchcraft themes targetted only for kids. However, I was totally wrong!

There are just so many aspects of this series that are done very well. It's all very stylish, kind of like the mood found in Cowboy Bebop, but more subtle and ominous. The focus of each of the first 11 episodes is on a hunt. Through these episodes we get a view of Robin's daily activities and the development of her relationships with the other hunters on the team. In a way, this first part of the series serves not just to introduce us to all the characters, but actually to give them depth. Now as for the music of the series, it is simply top notch as the background music is subtle but effective in giving the series its' dark and mysterious feel. I really love the opening song "Shell", which is guitar based and it actually made me watch through the opening sequence of every episode. From episode 12 onwards is the main plot of WHR. Now you might think that since the main plot starts off so late in the series, there is not enough substance to it. I can assure you that that is not the case. What I particularly liked about the plot is that it unfolds very naturally. Clues are slowly revealed in a thoughtful manner, such that the viewers are never overwhelmed with revelations, nor bombarded endlessly with riddle-talk just for the sake of keeping them guessing till the end (like Eva for instance). Witch Hunter Robin is definately one of my favorite "modern" anime....
This anime seems promising, although not dubbed haha... I will watch it in its FULL Japanese glory!
I just saw last night that Adult Swim on Cartoon Network will be showing Witch Hunter Robin after Inuyasha is finished up. It will air up until March when they show new dubbed eps of Inuyasha. Can't wait to see it! Gonna have to tape it. My mom wants to see it. She's kinda into gothic stuff and she'll like it. XD Funny really, she's into all these hip trendy things. She's the one who introduced me to Evanescence. XD

By the way, Type-Zero: I love the picture in your signature! XD
if people don't have animations viewable (tools --> internet options), they don't see it.
my guess, at least -- i have it all turned off, so i don't see anything.
whr reminds me of la femme nikita (talking about orig version)
its pretty poplar in japan too, ms kyubi takako likes it?
Yeah ive wacth it

Yes i have wacthed it. I have the first DVD. Its a great anime, and i love the supernatural stuff in it. the hacker guy, um i forgot his name, is my favriote.

"Is there a manga of Witch Hunter Robin?"
hold on for a sec
edit: other than anime/film comic, it seems the answer is no. anybody that knows different, please link! i'd like to see it too!
I saw anime! Great, realy great. One of the best for me... :D And the music is really something. One of the best OSTs too :D
Oh yeah

Any how I saw it for the first time last night after having wanted to see it for a while and the storyline evades me any hints? :)
😲 also i can't figure out whats up with robin is she also a witch? oh and how do you make avys and siggys? pls tell and I love Robins hair I have to figure out how to do that to my hair :D
try the faq
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Any way thanks for welcoming me and such. I love robin and I'll post my longer version later when I'm less bored with it. My lousy comp deleted it so now I have to retype it any way thanks.

Okay here we go again.
srry this isn't the whole thing i can't remember it all.
I love it. It's a great anime 😄 The style is cool too, more realistic than alot of anime I've seen but one thing about the style bugs me. When they do a profile or a 3 quarter veiw their chins are curved and that just bugs me. :mad: But I'm getting into the story so I'm good. I saw the epesode last night about the guy with the scarab tatoo (sorry about spelling) and the bugs and I loved the wat Robin torched those flys ^_^ 🔥 Now they can't get me *looks around to make sure that no one is watching* what a relief 😌 Thanks you for welcoming me once more also thanks for the info and the tips. Unfortunatly the only time that I can watch Robin is 12 midnight on adult swim. I really need to learn how to use the recordy thingy. :confused: And the version they have is the doubed. I totally agree that the origanal Japanese with subtitles is the best way but you can't always get that what a shame ah well such is life.
It's not done yet though but I'll work on it later because I have to go play my flute. Any way I'm really looking forward to tonights epesode of Robin. See you all soon.
there now done I hope you like it and could any one fill me in abit more on the story line pls
Gen-Ki said:
there now done I hope you like it and could any one fill me in abit more on the story line pls

I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee spoilers!! :angryfire What is the pleasure of watching something then? :D There is none! :D Enjoy your watching, and don't ask for spoilers... That's the best way. 👍
The reason......

The reason that I ask is not for spoilers it's for what I've missed. Like I said I rarely get to watch. I only get to watch it this week because there is no school this week. 👍 🍾 :D 😊 😄 🙂 :) :giggle: :p :D 😌 Anyhow thats all thanks. 🍜
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