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17 Aug 2003
I could destroy all of you with a single thought but i choose to read this forum instead.
Or I could delete your entire thread with a single click (but I choose not to 8-p). And what exactly does this have to do with Anime/Manga btw? If you want to "engage" one of the others then please feel free to join one of the existing "Battle" threads rather than starting up new ones (or something along those lines). Thnx.
Iron Chef, I wonder, why do you even tolerate threads like these? Why not just delete it, the moment you see it? This thread is obviously worthless, you know? I mean, if I had that kinda power, half of the people here would be banned.

Of course, thats why you're an admin, and I'm not I guess. I'm just a b*tch.
Because sometimes it's good to let a thread like this stand as an example for others to stay on-topic. Granted, this particular forum probably has the most leeway atm... And if a newly registered member should see this then maybe it will sway that person and others like him/her from posting similar threads (which in turn saves me from having to delete them every time they appear). Of course, that's just my theory, lol... I spend enough time moving, merging, and editing threads as it is now and to be honest I don't really like to delete someone's thread outright unless it's absolutely necessary (the same goes for banning). Oh, and I should clarify that I am not an Admin... just an Advisor who likes to crack his whip once in a while. 8-p
Hmm, sadist, hmm?
Admin, advisor, it really doesnt matter, as you still wield the power of control here. Even if you dont abuse it like I think you should.

And I understand your theory. Still, I personally find pleasure in playing the virtual goddess, and banning, deleting, and controlling whomever I choose at my forums. But your way seems much more civilized, and democratic. Good show.

I'm a masochist by the way. lol I just had to add that, you know.
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