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Will YOU pay the outrageous prices, just for a slice of the fun?


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31 Oct 2003
Is anyone out there gonna spend over $200 for all the junk you need to play FFOnline? I wont that's for sure. I'm not that rich. :p
There are to many other MMORPG's that require less for the same amount of fun. I mean FF0 is basicly like everquest with a FF title. Nothing special IMO.
Which final fantasy is it that they are supposed to put online wasnt it FF!!? I would not waste money on it. RPGs and online game not worth it if you ask me. There are so many things you need to buy. I'm not that rich either.
nope, i not gonna spend that amount of money just to play it online, there are already alot of games that you can do that, for ALOT less, and get the same experience.
I know I wouldn't, maybe I would but I'm more into fighting games, and right now, the only online fighting game I know of is Capcom VS. SNK 2 for the Xbx
nope, i really dont even like FF enough to buy a game, let alone spend money that could be used to buy an whole new system.
I'd like to, the game looks really good, but money is the issue for me. We're a little tight in my faimly as of recent. I do play one game online which is starcraft, but that's free. I also wanna get the sims online, that doesn't cost as much and I don't need all that friggin equipment.
I would like to play online games PERIOD.
I'm but a lowly peasant.:smoke:

But if I had the money to dish out on all the equipment, then I wouldn't mind trying out FFOnline yo.
Awwwwwwwwwwww.....I want FF Online.
but i don't want it on my computer.

And i know its goingto be HELLA expensive. Maybe i should just get everquest. i know some people on like World W i believe.... but i would pay it for the FF Online. just cuz i want it that bad....i'm harheaded:p :p
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