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Will America face a shortage of oil?


4 Mar 2016
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About two years ago, when I saw in a news, American oil companies are installing hundreds of "small oil rig" in a desert ( I don't remember in which state it was) to extract petroleum from sands in the deep layers of the ground, this thought came in my mind that may America has faced with shortage of oil.
That was because I thought, If America has a lot of rich oil deposits, what will be the reason that those companies spent such as great costs to extract a little oil from sands of those poor oil deposits in the desert?!
I think it was a weird proceeding, although western medias mentioned it as a success.

What do you think herein?
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Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
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I live in Maine where we have long cold winters. I heat with oil . The past year and a half , we seem to have a glut of oil. It used to cost between $4 to $5 a gallon US just 3 years ago. Now it is $1.50 US a gallon. Many people in the US have switched to propane gas or natural gas which made demand for oil go down. There are many places in the US with large amounts of oil under the ground , but people demand NO drilling in their area and vote to prevent any drilling. Solar and wind power are growing slowly which lessens the oil demand a small amount. I now spend about $400 US each winter to heat my small house which seems very cheap to me.
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