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will a simple "hello all" suffice here?

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6 Dec 2016
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I can never think of clever subject headings, lol...
um...But indeed, "Hello all!" Names Cait, I'm 28, aspi, and a goofy nerdball xD I've taught myself Japanese since I was...heck, I dunno...just a kid, lol. I read, write and speak it to a degree, but still got soo far to go. Always've loved the culture and pretty much everything else, too, lol xD Anyway, I'm here to piddle around, see what I can learn, find out, maybe meet some peoples...I dunno really, just trying stuff out :)

ps...a friend of mine bought a wooden ornament thing at a thrift store...its got six sides, and from the kanji on one side, ive figured it came from the thunder gate of the Sensoji shrine, in Asakusa, Tokyo (i think anyway). im curious about this little object...where should i post questions about it? maybe its a simple souvenir, but hey, you never know right? I'm curious, whatever it may really be :D

~Caitlin, aka, Keiyu Flanmurai xD


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14 Mar 2002
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Hi Caitlin, welcome to the forum!

As for your question: post it either to the translation section if you want the kanji to be deciphered or to the All Things Japanese section.
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