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Geez. She is probably one of those women who would throw her child off the balcony or lock it in a car while she played Pachinko.

But really, don't they have a name for that condition which makes women fall in love with death row inmates? It seems I've read about it somewhere. Sad...
he's good-looking maybe?
"He had previously been married four times but was single at the time of the killings"
me smell/spell mackdaddy

what's the kanji for his name? it's ironic that his name is "Mamoru"...
they should give her either a psychiatric evaluation or an I.Q. test ...

...either one should make it clear that she's not mentally fit to marry this guy.
I think i'm going to marry the next guy who's on death row for killing a bunch of innocent children. Yeah , right!!! :D

Oh and Eve i agree with you , she's either really stupid Or she got knocked up side the head a few too many times.
Maybe if you're lucky that women will marry you after her current one is ... uhh... departed?
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