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Why does Japan have so many stories about America on TV?

I want to add a second question.

Why does Japan use foreigners in their advertising? It's funny to me when they act the way they do around foreigners but they use foreign euro features( fair, blond,brunette) in their manga, magazines and advertising. They even dye their hair to lighter colors. I am just curious. I really want to understand.
Why does Japan have so many stories about America on t.v.?
Maybe because many Japanese admire usa or are just really interested in it? Stories about stuff people are interested in are better sold then stories about stuff people don't want to know about.
Japan rarely reports crime about a Japanese person ... take, for example, that guy ( Japanese ) went to Germany to study and ended up eating his study partner. He became a celebrity here and not known as a murderer ... why? Because it was never really reported that he did wrong. You have to understand the way of thinking here .. people prefer not to be shamed ... EVER ... so they either change the story ( see japan's ww2 explanations of the USA starting the japan war and the UK starting ww2 ) or dismiss a wrongdoing. A few women in japan threw themself off a cliff after WW2 after throwing their children first.
This was never reported.

To you native Japanese viewing this forum :

Japan started the pacific war after the USA stopped oil supplies to japan due to the Germany war. Japan figured that they could take over the USA and own all their oil. They failed.
😭 I just watch the movie " The Pearl Harbor" from movie channel. Just wondering is it on Japan at all? Coz it's pretty controversial.
the war was not started by just one country. it was a combination of politics at the time, and those that held extremist views both in the former Axis and Allies combined to create the atmosphere where such conditions created the second world war...and the politics is still with us today, just displaced in the middle east now, but that arena could be said to have started from the last world war, where the allies failed to take advantage of certain opportunities to eliminate future (current) dictatorships....but, alas, hindsight is always clearer... :eek:
Japan is trying to emulate the Amerikan image in their daily lifestyle. Sometimes it succeeds, and at other times it fails miserably....and that's why we have the www.engrish.com site... :D

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Just go to Yoyogi Park on the weekend. :giggle:

My favorite past time when I am shopping is to look at the engrish on clothes. It's amazing what they come up with.
It's like can't they get some proofreader before they go on the sale rack. But, of course we're in Japan. They don't care! :eek:
Cherrydog, they had Pearl Harbor here. My husband said they didn't really have a problem on a major scale that would of been newsworthy. It's in the video stores here.

I think "Tora Tora Tora " is the best accurate story of WW2.
Have you seen that movie?
I am just curious. Isn't there enough stories that happen in Japan?:eek:

Are you talking about game shows and things where they show fushigi-na or unusual stories from real life? I think probably the main reason is that the American entertainment industry output is so huge it's an easy and cheap source of material.
I find Japanese commercials are more punchy and exciting/funny
they have to be because of the expense (of time allotted to them)
one way is to get famous foreigners (or those who look like them -- I have a friend with a blonde beard -- all the girls tell him he looks like brad Pitt -- he does not)
it's so homogenous over there, and people over there are making money any way they can in this recession
as for Engrish, I have seen plenty of rave flyers with backwards, upside-down, mixed with kana, kanji, hiragana, all in the same "word."
that's not even getting into the busted kanji slogans on shirts and caps sold at TGT, Wallmart, or special Kmart
As to who started WW2, it was germany invading Poland and then other countries that really started everything off. Sure politics played a role as they always do, but it was pretty obvious who started the war.
Insecurity in the conditions left after WW1 also helped in creating the climate that led to WW2.

A little off the subject, but here's an excellent book on the 20-20 hindsight on what caused Hitler's defeat of WW2 and all the mistakes made by both the allies and the axis powers during that era...


Interesting read, at any rate.. :D
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