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why do you always have to be such a problem george?


24 Feb 2003
ok so i was at a mexican restraunt eariler today and this old couple cuts in front of me in line. normally i would tell the offender "hey, back of the line buddy!" but then i got to thinking if i was old and hungry i would prolly cut in front of me too, so i let it slide and boy was it worth it.

george, our main character in this story, is about 65 years of age with a haircut that tells gravity to piss off. he is a gentlemen so he lets his wife order first, while he engages in a parlee with the menu that resembles two men sizing each other up before a boxing match, except with only one man and a menu.
now when george reaches the counter he asks if the have chili con carne, (for the foreign members of the board, its ground beef mixed in a sauce with mexican spices, similar to chili but not.) the girl whos taking his order is dumbstruck at this question and has to call over the manager, who kinda wanders around abit then replies that they definatly dont have any chili con carne, but they do have enchilada sauce. (enchilada sauce is similar to red water with salt and paprika in it) so george gets a disgruntled look on his face and yells "well that stuff sucks!!" i start laughing, the girl at the counter cringes and the manager runs away, he wants nothing to do with this wiley old man.
george now takes a step back and re-anylizes the menu giving it the same dirty looks as before, this goes on for a minute or so before hes ready to take another stab at ordering. this time he yells "two fajitas!" (strips of beef or chickin in a small flour tortilla, not altogether that tasty without some salsa or something to add flavor to them)
the girl timidly asks "beef, right?"
"w-well we have beef or ch-chicken fajitas here, s-sir"
that poor girl, i thought she might pee her pants, or i would pee mine becuase about this time i'm nearly doubled over with laughter. my laughing takes george's attention off the girl, when he spins around to give me the evil eye, and let me tell you it is evil. but his efforts go to waste as im still laughing, possibly harder than before, and george's evil eye is still, well, evil.
luckily for probably everyone involved his wife gets back from collecting various utensils, salsas and napkins. she has overheard all thats been going on and so she yells "why do you always have to be such a problem george? chicken is too fajitas!"
george sheepishly replies "oh"
then like a little kid who been told to apologize he says to the girl at the counter "beef, please"
the girl is shocked but by some reflex manages to ring up the two fajitas while george tries to steal his wife's cup. which she catches him at, scalds him again and makes him go sit down. all of which adds to my laughter.
anyway the rest of the transaction proceeded semi-normally, and i eventually got my tacos. so i guess the moral of the story is if your gonna let someone cut in front of you, make sure they look a bit crazy and you might enjoy yourself.
Yes, it was an excellent story, indeed. He described it so well, I felt like I was there. I have been around this kind of scenario so many times. Especially when I was a waitress way back when. Just have to laugh at people like that... :D
Well, I'm sure everybody now knows in that restaurant who wears the "pants" in that family.... :D
thanks guys, i just felt like sharing that experience. though i dunno about being a writer, i dont much like it actually would rather just tell the story.
That's what writing is ... telling stories. And you do a great job at telling stories! You really brought the scene to life. Maybe you could record your stories for someone else to put down in written form later on? Just a thought ... Anyway, great story! Thanks for sharing it with us.

well i meant i tend to use alot of body language and tone of voice, so its normally hard for me to convey that in a written form. maybe all this internet typing ive been doing the past couple of years is helping that out.
Maybe, because I thought you brought the scene to life perfectly. I could just picture that old cantankerous guy giving you the evil eye, while you stood there doubled over laughing. Great scene! But my favorite is when his wife ("the boss") walked over and corrected him about the Fajitas. That was too funny! 😄
Well, if you get tired of writing, you can try drawing them into a cartoon format and that may be even more entertaining.... :D
That is the exact reason why I have avoided being a waiter!!!! I don`t get it though, why do these elderly people think that they have gained the right to be more than crabby at every person they come in contact with. The funny thing about that story was that we all know who is wearing the pants in that family!:D
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