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Why do J-Grandmas....

Because lot's of them used to carry heavy bags on their backs when they worked in the countryside. That has always surprised me how Japan was backward for things like that and still is for other things. It's the country that invented robots-to-make-everything, but people still had to carry things on their backs on long distances and all day long not so long ago. Interestingly, it's only (old) women who are bended over like a 90degree angle. What else could it be they were doing so long in this position ? :p
Gee, Maciamo, I have no idea of what you're talking about.

They could only be secretaries, of course! Bent from sitting up properly in their chairs all day long for many years.... :)
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BMC Atsugi, Japan (NSMN) -- Since my wife and I have been in Japan, we have noticed something about the elderly women here that is not seen as often in the United States anymore: a bent over posture. This is what some would call a "dowager's hump" and is due to osteoporosis, the loss of calcium from bones that sets in after menopause. I have not spoken with any Japanese doctors about why this is so prevalent here in Japan, but it does bring up the topic of women after menopause. It also brings up the question of what, if anything, can be done for them?
If it's due to osteoporis, why have I never seen women bent over like that in other non Asian countries ? That's just an excuse, because they would feel uneasy (or even lowered) to admit it's by doing the job of animals or machines that these women were disformed.
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