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Why did you become interested in Japan, and Japan related stuff

Kuroda Kumiko

28 Dec 2006
I was just wondering, why do you like Japan or anything related to Japan such as samurais(sp?) and manga?
What is so interesting about the Japanese culture?
What is it that makes Japanese pop culture so different from the rest of asias pop culture? Or the rest of the worlds?

I really want to know why people find Japan so interesting.
I find Japan interesting but I would like to hear other peoples thoughts about it too.
I think Japanese (traditional) culture itself is interesting because Japan has been separated from the rest of the world for so long. So there wasnt any western influence for a long time..

Why did I became interested in Japan ? I will study product design next year, and became interested in Japan because of its fascinating product market. Any kind of product is for sale in Japan, even really rediculous things like a cushion in the shape of arms/chest (like someone is hughing you). Eventually I would like to work as a product designer in Japan (as I havent been to Japan yet, this may drastically change if for some reason I dont like it there), knowing that you can get products on the Japanese market more easily than anywhere else (you just have to knock somewhere at a store, present your product and if they are interested they will buy it from you). Im probably exaggerating a bit, it may not be as easy as this but you get the point..

For the rest im also interested in Japanese language and the people in general. I have been learning Japanese on myself for the past few months and I think its a very fun (and challenging) language to learn. From what I have heard, Japanese people tend to be very kind and helpfull so I hope I will also experience this during my first trip this summer.
omg this is a good question
It all began with my first Manga
I found it interesting that the Mangas are read in another way than comics
and later I listened to some Music (accidentally I found songs)
and the Language was amazing
The Language sounds so wonderfull
So I went on listening to songs and more songs
Later I saw some photos of Japanese People and some of them are really beautiful
and then I saw a lot of photos of Japan and the Cities in Japan and it's interesting.
Japan is different than Germany
and I somehow got toally interested in Japan.
I also love the Kimonos and I love the Food (I went to some japanese Restaurants here).

So, there were a lot of things which got me into Japan.
But I never was there T__T
It's a big Dream of mine to go to Japane once and to leanr japanese >.<
This is a very good question... here is why I got interested

I think the first reason why I became interested in Japan was because of the technology... I am a person that loves technology or anything with electrical devices... and Japan is like the leading innovators with technology around the world today...

Second reason is that I am a person with a strong interest in one or more aspects of Japan or Japanese culture, also the traditional Japanese culture... I like many Japanese cultural exports and Japanese pop culture, such as Zen Buddhism, sushi, J-Horror, J-rock/j-Pop, anime, and manga.

Since there was a long isolation of Japan that was punctuated by radical, often revolutionary, influences from the outside world, seeing them eliminating the isolation and ruling out the segregation with the rest of the world, has made me more interested in Japan than I already am.

I also love the modern and traditional styles of Japanese fashion. I like the traditional sense of Japanese fashion... like the Kimono... I mostly like the modern fashion... like poppish/rockish with the whole Gothic Lolita feel to it... which brings me to Ganguro... ("black-face", is a Japanese fashion trend among many Japanese girls)

I cant forget about the language... I'm gave up two years of my life to study on it... I always wanted to learn how to speak the language... and its taken me a long time because I am teaching myself... But I can pull through...
OK, first post to this forum, so be gentle with me.....

I think my love of Japan goes back to 1967 when my big brother took me to see "You Only Live Twice" at the cinema. I fell in love with the film, and wanted to see Himeji Castle from that day on (which I finally did, last year!!)

In the mid-eighties I became facinated by samurai history and read a lot on the subject. This led onto Kurosawa movies and I became a bit of a fan of Japanese cinema.

I never really took to anime until a couple of years ago, but have become a bit of a vocal convert recently (particularly the various incarnations of "Ghost in the Shell").

Last year, I finally got to visit Japan and it was everything I'd ever hoped.
Going back in, er, only 12 days now!

My Japanese is still rubbish, though, despite two years of reading a variety of "teach yourself" manuals and walking through the streets joining in with the CD's.....
I lived in San Francisco in the early 90's and met many Japanese there, that got me interested in Japan.Don't like manga, anime or jpop. Cinema is good, and books...Haruki Murakami etc
It would be interesting to add a poll here, but I have no clue how to do so.

My "interest" is because of myself being half-Japanese. It's since only a few years that I got interested in a more serious way, beyond Manga and food, and got into things like its society and way of thinking, business-economy, kanji and language.
For me, it is the same as why I am interested in any culture. It is because the history and traditions are fascinating. The way I got into it (as I have said on my profile AND in my "please welcome me," thread) is I was researching Himuro Mansion (from Fatal Frame) and I found information about Real Shintoism... as opposed to the murdering Shintoists in the game. The beliefs fascinated me and I have been on this forum ever since.

I have only been actually feeding my fascination for a week now, but I suppose it has been there for a while, like when I first came into contact with Anime and Manga.
My reason

Though I have always found interest in Japan and related things, I met someone online from Japan, and she was so friendly, my interest is more now because of her. Rarely have I found such an honest and true person.
Thanks to youtube!
I saw some jrock there, and then i became more interested in Japan..
*damned my english sucks*

Thanks to youtube!
I saw some jrock there, and then i became more interested in Japan..
*damned my english sucks*
And it was because my badminton teacher is Japanese ^^
And she's cool ^^
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I really want to know why people find Japan so interesting.
I find Japan interesting but I would like to hear other peoples thoughts about it too.

Short answer; my wife:)

Long answer; there isn't enough space on this site to properly answer.😌

It would be interesting to add a poll here, but I have no clue how to do so.

Only the OP can do that right? Maybe someone should start another thread if they are interested in finding out more.....leonmarino hint hint hint
dragon ball z initally got me hooked when i was really young.

now i love the music, i study the lagnuage daily, i think the girls are beautiful, i love the scenery of japan itself. is very beautiful. japan is beautiful, very crimefree too. well, compared to usa.
Well, I have loved Japan since I was very young, perhaps five or six. We did a few projects on it in elementary school, which I loved--But then, I got involved in the animation and the games. Those things turned me on to the culture, and I guess things really sprouted from there...I have been learning the language for about eight years now, and have been twice. It is my passion, really.

I love how, in Tokyo, you can walk down a street of skyscrapers and buisness offices, and suddenly see a temple in between. Keeping ancient roots in the midst of the big city.
Oda Nobunaga.

Before I discovered him when I was 12, I was more interested in China. Even today, although I am getting my PhD in classical Greece and Rome, I still have a profound fascination with the Sengoku Jidai.
im not even sure i have an answer for this question i know i love most things japanese but i was jsut strangely drawn to it. so i started learning the language and culture etc.

good stuff :)
I wanted to learn a second language. I was living in Vancouver so there are a few possibilities, anyway I chose Japanese for no particular reason. After learning a bit I thought I should visit Tokyo. I never wanted to leave. Now I own a school in Japan and live happily...
This sounds stupid, but I grew some curiosity from the movie F&F: Tokyo Drift. I was like damn, it must be really cool, but after getting to know some things of the country, I knew that portrayal was very false, but, I just got hooked by the language and culture and moderness by all I've read and I will hopefully be going to Japan soon to know what's up there.

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