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Why are you moving to japan?


13 Dec 2003
Ok, my two cents.

I'm not ashamed to say that it was anime that first got me interested in Japan. That was about 4 years ago and I still like some of it now. I don't have a very large collection mostly because I put a lot of my leisure money into computer games and components (modding is fun!).

I don't actually know what I am going to do in Japan, or how long I'll spend there. For me the best reason to stay in Japan for any real length of time, aside from the desire to get to fluency, is the friends I've made there, Japanese and non-Japanese. I am sure, however, that English teaching is not the way to go.
Why are you moving to japan?

Because I have Japanese origin, so Japan is my original home and language and culture and people and I would like to return and live happily ever after in my home country.

I go where my dreams take me..Although not founded on anime,I hope to move to Japan in the near future..Probably not permanently though, because come on..you know America is the best place to live..

@frank, hahaha, suppose your fed up with all those bleached blondes??? lolol(joke)
@Ghost... your 100% right. Go to Japan not only for the obvious but for friends, culture, experience etc.; I wish I had the money to experience Japan,(wonderful) if you have the will and the way, GO!! I"m pretty positive that you'll never regret it it will be something to reminisce(spell?) over for the rest of your life!🙂 🙂 🙂
Frank: I've got black hair, and I'm in the states. *phooey to you*

And as for the question, I'm going because thats where my music seems to be taking me.

I also plan to spend a year or two studying and visiting friends in Japan someday, or as long as I still have enough patience with the people and minor irritants of daily life. Advised for anyone who comes down with such unbearable waves of homesickness that lasts for weeks after returning to their real home ;).
Because my husband is Japanese.... to live a few years in Japan to learn about his culture and background before moving back to New Zealand (a great country no matter what Ghost says!! hehe).
Also I have always had an interest in Japanese culture and history.

Certainly by living here I am understanding some of the thoughts and challenges he must've had while living in my country..... he's getting his revenge now hehe :p
probably go back to Japan for the food and to meet up with olde friends....but not for living there :D

so, has the fad of bronde breached hair gone out of style yet? :D
I'm headed to Japan because my Fiance is Japanese and she doesn't want to stop working in the family business. Still dunno what i'll do out there tho!!😄
Why did I move to Japan?

There are many reasons......

A few of which are:

1. Abusing the market for English teachers. (I get paid much better here than I would in the states.)
2. I like onsen and centos.
3. I dream of being a yakuza, ruling the underworld, crushing my enemies, living bushido, taking over China, expelling all foreigners, sinking rokko island, freeing okinawa, playing DDR, eating pocky, learning 10,000 kanji, running for the Diet, drinking can coffee, liberating the burakumin, arming the Ainu, and death by harakiri while watching re-runs of old samurai films.

Hmm...Mad Pierrot, have you considered re-writing any of Yukio Mishima's works and having them in mini-series for western consumption? You may have to dum them down for the US market, tho....and add canned laughter in the background just to make people think it's a comedy, even if it isn't.... :D
Oh no!

Who's Mishima? (I'm feeling ignorant right now...😌 )
It sounds like someone I should know.
What can you tell me?
There is a movie called Mishima that talks about his life, but I believe it was banned in Japan, because of his controversial views....he wrote many novels about Japan, one of them being The Temple of the Golden Pavilion....

he ended up commiting ritual suicide, as many japanese writers tend to commit suicide for whatever reasons.....I'm sure you can do a google search for more info....or ask somebody since you're in rising sun land.... :p
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