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who would you be?


15 Mar 2002
It's me saiyanguy86, and I was just wandering, (to all who reply) who is your fav. dbz character, and which one would you be(if it even changes)

👏 I'm Gohan 👏

please reply👍

Yeah, Vegeta is cool, but he's often too stubborn. I like his attitude though.
I guess i'd go for Piccolo: Agressive yet wise.

LOL ... I haven't done this in a while! I really must be getting old ;)

hmmm ... ok ... 3 characters .... Rick Hunter, Kaneda, and Trunks!
Trunks in the DB future or what it's called carries a sword ... cool !

i'm new SaiyanGuy86 so please reply to help me out , i don't know any characters.
Rick Hunter is from Robotech. Not sure about Kaneda though.

It think Moyashi is getting carried away. We were only talking about Dragonball in this thread. :D

Rick Hunter was pretty cool though. He got all the girls... 👏
ooops yep that's for sure!!! I missed the dbz on the first post.

Rick Hunter -- minus his talent I'm more like him but I wish I could be Roy Folker though ... too bad he get's killed early on in the Robotech Story!

Kaneda --- ooops, totatly no context for the name sorry. kaneda was Akira's big brother type of friend. Akira is also the name of the anime / movie that these characters are in. kaneda rides his really cool red cyber-cycle.
I'd be 100% Bulma!!!!!! 👏 -so watch out saiyanchick :D
Always inventing stuff and getting involved with the stubborn badass...
I just love that kind of guys...
SANOSUKE rocks!! 😍
Wow. An old thread. S'why I like it.

If I went by coolness factor, I'd be Vegeta all the way. But closer to my personality...I'd be Piccolo, except less serious. 👍
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