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13 Oct 2003
Hey all, in case you don't know I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan. Sony released a trailer for it's upcoming movie Final Fantasy 7:Advent Children and some of the phrases that the characters say are in Japanese...However I only pick up Japanese that I've heard spoken before..Anyways straight to the point, will anyone be kind enough to watch this? (It's only 1 minute long)


And tell me what the guy with blonde hair is saying (written in Romaji or Hiragana, whichever one you prefer)? Unfortunately all I could pick up was ore wa...unn..omae no...etc:p It's an awesome trailer though..

Thanks a lot in advance!

P.S. Don't worry about the background music, it's Latin.
This is what I'm hearing:

ore ha yurusaretai n da to omou
un, ore ha yurusaretai!

omae no bun made ikiyou
... sou kimeta nda kedo

Something like:

I think I want to make (you) forgive.
Yes, I want make (you) forgive.

I'm going as far as your share
that's what I decided, anyway.

I'm not sure about the third line --
I'm thinking of ikiru+you = ikiyou.
It could the noun kiyou. Or I could have
misheard it entirely.
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