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Who paly GunBound...?


18 Mar 2004
I will like to know.. if there is people that play GunBound in this forum...

And may be, if there are a some... we can open a guil...


Ciao Ciao..
you mean PatchBound? i mean seriouslytheres a new patch like every 3 hours for that stupid game, thats what made me quit -.-
Yup i got it, only been playing 2 weeks or so.

KusoGaki <------- My id.

Still trying to save up to dress my avatar up like a samurai. (^^)x
I've been playing it for a while, but quit. Takes waaaaaay too long to afford any decent avatar-upgrades and there also way too much mindless chatting going on and too little playing.
Yes... you need to play a lot for an upgrade.... jejejeje

I'm double stone hammer... but lately i'm not playing too much...

But it's fun... for hanging a while...
agaponeo<---- Mi ID
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