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14 Mar 2002
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If you have a relative by the first name of SUSUMU you might be in luck! The Nigerian scam has now gone tsunami. :emoji_laughing:

From my spam folder:

Good day,
My name is Prof. David Hamilton (RETIRED), I live in London, United Kingdom, I am looking for any family member of an old friend who used to live here in UK and was in the business of Crude Oil brokerage mostly between Europe and Middle East.

His first name is (SUSUMU) ,but you and him have the same (FAMILY NAME), and this is why I have decided to contact you with this letter to try to find out from you if you know him or if he is one of your relations, he was my client for ten years when I was still working as legal adviser to so many foreigners who were doing businesses here in the UK before I retired.

Mr. Susumu died some years ago in the terrible Tsunami that hit Japan ,and unfortunately he was travelling to Miyagi prefecture with his wife (Keiko) and his only daughter (Namiko) when the Tsunami hit Japan and killed them all, it was a tragic event and I was so sad with the terrible accident.

The reason why I am looking for anyone related to Mr. Susumu is because Mr. Susumu bank account officer contacted me a year ago regarding the ($50,000,000.00) Fifty Million United States Dollars Mr. Susumu kept in the security vault of the bank before he died, the bank made me to know that Mr. Susumu died with his family in the Japan Tsunami, they knew after they did not see him visit the bank to check his cash deposits in their vault, the bank has searched through the Japanese Family Register for anyone who may be related to him, but he has no relation living in Japan ,because his father and mother traveled to USA in the early time and both died there in the USA, so it became very difficult to locate anyone who is directly his relations.

The reason for all this search is because the bank is looking for anyone who is related to him ,so that they can pay out the $50,000,000.00 to the person according to the banking laws of United Kingdom, the bank could not do anything because they couldn't find anyone related to him, now the bank is under the law to contact me as the last person who consulted for Mr. Susumu on all legal matters here in the UK to ask me to find anyone who is related to him to come forward and claim the $50,000,000.00, but I have also searched and could not find anyone related to him.

I am now using information's I gathered on the internet to contact people who have the same family name as Mr. Susumu to ask if they know him, please reply to me quickly after you receive this letter to inform me if you are his relative, so that we can discuss how the funds will be paid to you immediately, because by law if the bank does not find anyone to claim the funds they have the right to take the funds without paying it to anyone.

Please keep this information confidential and do not share it with anyone because this is a confidential letter.

I will be waiting and hoping for a reply from you.

Sincerely Yours,

Prof. David Hamilton (Retired)
15 Cunningham Avenue
United Kingdom
TEL/Fax: +44703 196 6282
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