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Who likes Evanescence??

16 Aug 2003
Evanescence is band that explains life in their music and that's cool unlike some people....so...

Yes or NO...if you like them.....

Watch your answers carefully.....
I only heard the single "Bring me to life", which is quite nice. Actually it sounds like a Linkin' Park copy, but with a female vocalist. I did read that this isn't the case with the rest of the album though, which is probably a good thing.

I've actually met them once, when they were promoting their album in Holland. A friend of mine did a short interview with them for his radioshow.

Well....Twisted..I am glad that you have met them now don't rub it in to those who haven't met them...yet....hahaha...jk...

Well...their whole CD is way cool....
Are they pretty nice cause i have gotten the revolver with them on the cover.....and yea....

Hey Farouk....thank you;)
I looked at them as the girl verson of Linkin Park (well, just the person who does the vocals). But they're pretty good, not bad.-.

WaAahhhh!!!! i LovE evanEscenCE!!! they ROck! i LOVe theiR soNgs..speciaLLy "FORGIVE ME & MY IMMORTAL".....

AnYone who Got Amy LEe's Pic FOr WAllpApers???:D 👍 👏
i hate to be the first person to say something negative on this thread but i realllly dont like them :snore: sorry! i'll get my coat *finds the nearest exit* heh heh
They are good but i prefer Linkin Park

Evanescence - every single song sounds the same
Ehm, yeah, but that's also the case with Linkin Park and every other nu-metal band for that matter. That's nu-metal, so what are we talking about here?
I think nu-metal is a thing of the passed.
i like them too my fav songs are tourniquet and bring me to life and i really like the new metal scene👍
Moi They are good. My favorate song on their cd is 'My immortal' then 'whisper' ^__^ Aww To bad one of the guitarists left ne?

Oh! I started to really like them after I saw this music video someone made of Final Fantasy X-2 with Evanescence's Whisper. Thats a great song! I like this other one but I don't know the title. I'll try to look for it (title of the song).
i LOVE Evanescence!!! I really enjoyed their album and i really like the lyrics... my fav songs are Tourniquet and Imaginary...
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