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Who is your favorite manga ka and why?


12 Jul 2003
personally I love Yuu Watase. I love her style of drawing and her stories as well. Her style of drawing is unlike any other. It is realistic and beautiful. lol enough ranting for the time being. So what manga ka (or group of manga ka ^^) do u like?
Mitsuru Adachi is my favorite. Some of his works are (starting from my favorites) H2, Touch Series, Katsu!, Rough... etc. His works are mainly about romance and sports. His works are really realistic and usually leaves the reader with a sense of sweet and bitter feeling. He'll alsow show that reality may be harsh and not all things will lead to a happy ending.

I'm in the process of writing a small webpage dedicated to his works, feel free to take a look!

Mitsuru Adachi Fanpage
I'll put in a quick vote for Yoshizumi Wataru... I was introduced to her work through "Marmalade Boy", but I've come to enjoy many of her works, especially "Mint na bokura"... why that didn't become an anime, I'll never know!

kaori yuki. her artwork is so stylish, great character design all around (the eyes!). i'm a big fan of her manga. i like complex storylines and character deelopment, oh and plot twists (or just twisted plots). angel sanctuary was one of the first manga that i really fell in love with, then there's boys next door and kaine and all that good stuff. so yeah, for me it's definately her.
i like yuu watase too, she's a really close second!
I really have to agree with you there, degpie. I absolutely adore Kaori Yuki! Her artwork is absolutely breathtaking! I love Angel Sanctuary and I've read her short stories too. BND and Kaine were both wonderful, too. I love them!
Kaori Yuki for me, and Kaori + Togashi Yoshihiro for Meep(my twin sister).

Why? Cause I love Kaori's artwork and... well, her stories are great, that's all ^^
i say toriyama akira is one of my favs- i just love that realistic style- hes got great capability in expressing motion and fighting sequences...but also his landscapes are great and put you right to china... arale chan& dragonball (i do not like the anime though) are just great..

for story telling i still have to stick to ol' tezuka osamu though- his "adolf ni tsugu" and "hi no tori" are the best....

ps the ya- chan story of ikegami ryouichi was good, too- oh yeah it was called"sanctuary"...
Mitsuru Adachi is my favourate ,though her crawing is not very good.but i think her works all have great episodes,and funny sometime ツ。ツュツ。ツュ
Hmmm ... my favourite manga-ka is AYANO YAMANE ... 👍

I came across this person's work during my search for Slam Dunk doujinshis ... beautiful characters drawn with great technique ... *sighs blissfully*
Takahashi Rumiko! The woman's a genius! Brilliant, hilarious storylines. Very well developed and diverse characters. Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha. Need I say more?
Originally posted by Old School
Takahashi Rumiko! The woman's a genius! Brilliant, hilarious storylines. Very well developed and diverse characters. Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha. Need I say more?

maybe maison ikkoku? : ))
Originally posted by MangaMan2009
Im with JIgen but dude you went backwards i think unless dbz the anime spelt it backwards it Akira Toriyama

i just went w the japanese convention in writing the surname before the first name...
Yuu Watase, Kazuya Minekura, Rumiko Takehashi, Arina Tanemura, and umm... I don't know some of them, but I like a lot of different ones acually... 😊
Slam Dunk

the comic inspired me to play basketball,
and they never give up their dream,keep fighting until the game is over.
I have 2...Paradise Kiss...it made me want to go into fashion design...and then Hana Yori Dango...because well I'm not normally a romance novel person but it makes me feel fluttery when I read it.

I love X too...but that's mostly for the artwork...the stories are good but sometimes a little too depressing
Yuu is good...but FY was a tad on the depressing side...I don't know if it was depressing because I liked it...or depressing because my mother liked it, would watch the whole series in one night and make me sit through it...I think I finished buying it for her....not me
I like Junji Ito....Uzumaki was disturbing but the live action movie was really good. His new series is pretty good so far...
Fav. Mangaka?? Too many to list...

If I have to name one, that should be Nitta Youka for yaoi manga \(^.^)/ and Hisaya Nakajo for shoujo manga... \(^.^)/
Takehiko Inoue

very nice art,
very 'real' basketball,
he makes the basketball games so exciting and so touching
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