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Who here cosplays?!


17 Jan 2004
👏 hello everyone,
I wanted to know who cosplays! If you do, who do you cosplay as, and what would you want to cosplay as:D yah for Cosplay!! 🙂

I've already cosplayed as No-Face from spirited away and rei Ayanami from Evangelion. My next BIG costumes will be thief Rikku(crossing fingers for good costume):D Kana-P no Mori ( the pink costume she wears), and sailor venus, hopefully. next year I want to cosplay as lina inverse from slayers lol😊

I've cosplayed, but I really haven't been to a real convention. I hope to go soon though.
I'd be either Kikyo from InuYasha or Hotaru (aka Sailor Saturn) from Sailor Moon.
Though I know it's not anime, i would also cosplay a Slytherin Student.
I'm cosplaying everyday for AX this year. Last year I would have, but I was sh*tfaced and unconcious for two of the days.

As for the other cons I'm going to this year, I guess you could say I'm cosplaying as myself, considering the fact that every other convention I'm going to is for my music. Promotion and all.
Well, I cosplayed once as Asuka from Neo Genesis Evangelion, as well as Excel Excel from Excel Sage, but that was back when my hair was long. Lol. This year I'm hoping to go as Paine from FFX-2, and possibly get a makeshift sword as well.


If I'm lucky.
I haven't been to any cons (hopefully i'm going to the boston one this year! yay) Anyways, I've cosplayed as broken miho from mega tokyo, kana (the chimame look, although my mother wouldn't let me dye my hair green-_-) and some cat girl/maid from some series they haven't translated yet and I forgot her name.
you dressed up as kana! thats uber cool! i wanted to do kana with green hair for winter =) if you have any pictures suzu please send =)*
I cosplay as Ultraman on weekends. I like to bust my moves on the streets while maintaining my cool figure.
Originally posted by Hisoka
I cosplay as Ultraman on weekends. I like to bust my moves on the streets while maintaining my cool figure.

Ultraman? I have yet to see any cosplayers cosplaying Ultraman. If possible, can you please post some nice picture of yours? I believe everybody will apreciate that. Thank you.
I cosplay, I love cosplaying. I have so far cosplayed:
1. Lulu
2. Mana
3. Gackt
4. Mana (again! You just gotta love Mana!)
5. Lenne
6. Is now working on Raison d'etre Kaoru. (Dir En Grey is my fave band and Kao is my fave member!)
7. Planning to do Ju Te Veux Kozi!
I've cosplayed as Orignal Spike (didn't turn out well) and also the original FF7 Cloud. It was a pretty shaby outfit. Both of them.
riku: I'm sorry I have no pictures, well I have pictures but not on the computer because I have no digital camera or scanner -_-
I've cosplayed once as Rin/Lin from Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi. This year, I think I may cosplay as Lenne (FFX-2) or Aeris (FF7).. :giggle:
Originally posted by Christine

6. Is now working on Raison d'etre Kaoru. (Dir En Grey is my fave band and Kao is my fave member!)

I'm trying to put togther a Raison d'etre Kyo outfit, but its hard as f*ck to find good reference photos.
Hmm... I'm thinking about Cosplaying for this years Anime Expo's... I don't know who to go as... i'm like 5'5 black hair medium build... hmm I'll look into this! Maybe I should go as

Sagara Sousuke! or I could be a loser and dress up as Naruto but I hate sandals... hahahah!

GookanGohan - I give you props for going for Dejiko, did you really wear the cat ears, and bells? If you have a pic, i'd freaking LOVE to see it ahha :)
Type-Zero: We should hook up at AX. I'm going.

In fact, everyone at this board who is going should decide a place to meet. That would be kosher.
im the ultra Jrock cosplayer! i only ..[usually]..cosplay Jrock. i dont have much yet..but all the ones i got are KICK *** costumes...and i have went to cons with them and won many awards...like Akon15..
i so far have a KICK *** Malice Mizer Gackt costume.the Gekka one.
i also have a Psycho le Cemu Aya costume of Ai no Uta.. KICK *** KAWAII!
and NOWW ! for my newest and BEST KICK *** JROCK COSPLAY!!! *drumroll* ... Dir en grey Kyo!!! "FILTH" .....!!! YEY for the jumbo dreads and kool makeup!!!! *whoot* :D


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