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White woman think Asian man are ugly?


9 May 2016
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I'm 22 year old Japanese single man.
I want to marry a White woman in the future.
I love White woman.
My dream is marriage with a white woman.
I think White woman are most beautiful and attractive.

I love white women from childhood and am not interested in a Asian woman.
Whenever white woman looks at the tall figure, white skin with blond hair and blue eye, "is beautiful like a fairy"; when "a white was the most beautiful ," admired it instinctively.
My favorite actress, model, athletes all the are white women.

And is the next dream to produce a child of the white mixed blood.

By the way I'm virginity 22 year all life.(But I'm not gay).
I think I'm short height and thin muscle compared to the White people.(I'm 5'9.5/165lbs)
But, White woman think Asian man are attractive?


Quietly exploding
27 Nov 2012
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No, pumpkin, the reply is the same to the white guys who want a delicate Asian 'fairy,' go to the country you want, talk to people, and meet someone. Don't make ethnicity and eye colour your requirement. Can you get a girlfriend in Japan? If so, you can get one abroad. If not, you'll probably have a hard time there too.


Just me
20 Aug 2003
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Because this is the same topic by the same person, I vote that the thread be locked. He doesn't seem to have contributed anything new nor learned anything from the last one. Just a thought.

Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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Is this really a preference for white women? Or a self-deceiving psychological ploy to deal with fear of rejection by the Japanese women around you?

Are there any white women around you? Have you tried meeting them? Have you asked them for dates?

If you're not actively trying to meet and talk to them, why not?

Mark of Zorro

4 Oct 2012
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Manga and anime are the key for you. There are lots of White women as obsessed with manga and anime as you are with White women. Become an expert on them and attend manga and anime conventions. And keep working on your English. And don't be too picky. You don't have to marry the first girl you have sex with. And you better get to having sex soon or you won't be any good at it. Just make sure you use condoms NO MATTER WHAT, even she says its not necessary IT IS NECESSARY.


10 Oct 2015
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I'm half-Japanese, half-British (which I hope will give a different perspective because all the guys who have replied so far are, i'm guessing, white). I've never found any troubles with girls in the UK and I don't think that my Asian side has ever played a contributing factor in whether a girl likes me or not (however I wouldn't be surprised if a rare few girls had the negative stereotypes of Asian men in the back of their minds). The key will always be a mix of attractiveness, personality and reputation (the last one is only really necessary because I'm in my final year of high school, it's definitely different when you get into the "real world"). I'm confident, outspoken and have been lucky enough to excel at sports. Girls often say I'm attractive, which is great feeling when it happens. But remember, I am only half-Japanese. There are fully-Asian guys who I've seen do well, but I'd say that the common feature of all of them is that they don't play on the fact that they're Asian, they focus more on their personality and skills.

I know one person said something about anime, which I think is completely valid. The problem with anime is, that it is a warped view of reality. I have a few girls who love anime/J-Pop/K-Pop, but I can guarantee you that they would never be attracted to anything other than someone who looks like what they've seen in media.

I think everyone else on this post has summed it up pretty well. If you're not attractive enough to get girls in Japan, you are without question going to fail with "white" girls. The thing about the western world is that over the years we have given Asian men very negative stereotypes (i.e. bad at sports/nerdy, only work in science and maths jobs/not "manly"/bad in bed (due to small ...)/very shy). I was lucky that I don't fit into any of the stereotypes (I hope!), so it never became a factor. The truth is, Asian males are very much devalued. Asian woman are on the other hand very much sort after, for various reasons.

At the end of the day, ethnicity is really not important. I'd say that it's pretty universal that if you're ugly, you date ugly people or you don't date at all. I see a lot of foreign men go to Japan with the fantasy that they'll become 'Mr Attractive' when they visit, even though they are on the other side of the spectrum in their native country. You're 22, that's not a bad age to be a virgin. I'm 18 and I think I'm going to try my best to stay obstinate till I'm 21-ish, just in the hope I find someone really special. Don't rush things. Find someone that you really like (that is in your league) and everything will be fine. You've just got to be realistic about what you can get and what you can't get.

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