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White people think Asian people are ugly?

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9 May 2016
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White people think Asian people are ugly?
I'm 22 year old Japanese man.
I think I'm ugly myself and I get harassed(embarrassed) about my face.
The color of the skin is yellow, too.
I have flat face and flat nose.
I think I'm short height and thin muscle compared to the White people.(I'm 5 feet 9.5 inch/165lbs)
I think I'm ugly compared to White people.
I think White people are most beautiful and most biggest great race.
I respect White people.
I Love White people.
I think that an Western European people(British, Irish, German, Scandinavian, Afrikaner people) in particular is the most beautiful people.
I think Western European people is most beautiful ethnicity among the whites. most celebrity and supermodel have the Germanic ethnicity.
Faelid/Fälid/Dalo-Falid Examples
I think blond hair and blue eye are most beautiful and attractive.
I know that the standard of beauty is mostly white people and features.
Asian people have only dark brown eyes and black hair.

Tall height, Long leg and arm is an ideal.
I want to marry a White woman in the future.
I think White woman are most beautiful and attractive.
I love White woman.
The marriage with the White woman is proof of the winners in Asia.
Asian and White mixe race are attractive most beautifully in Asia.
By the way I'm virginity 22 year all life. (But I'm not gay.)
And I'm straight edge.
But, White woman think Asian man are ugly?
White people think Asian people are unattractive?


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14 Mar 2002
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