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White people think Asian people are ugly?

White people think Asian people are ugly?

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9 May 2016
Hello, I'm 22 year old Japanese man.
I think I'm ugly myself and I get harassed(embarrassed) about my face.
The color of the skin is yellow, too.
I have flat face and flat nose.
I think I'm short height and thin muscle compared to the White people.(I'm 5 feet 9.5 inch/165lbs)
I think I'm ugly compared to White people.
I think White people are most beautiful and most biggest great race.
I respect White people.
I Love White people.
I think that an Western European people(British, Irish, German, Scandinavian, Afrikaner people) in particular is the most beautiful people.
I think Western European people is most beautiful ethnicity among the whites. most celebrity and supermodel have the Germanic ethnicity.
Faelid/Fälid/Dalo-Falid Examples
I think blond hair and blue eye are most beautiful and attractive.
I know that the standard of beauty is mostly white people and features.
Asian people have only dark brown eyes and black hair.

Tall height, Long leg and arm is an ideal.
I want to marry a White woman in the future.
I think White woman are most beautiful and attractive.
I love White woman.
The marriage with the White woman is proof of the winners in Asia.
Asian and White mixe race are attractive most beautifully in Asia.
By the way I'm virginity 22 year all life. (But I'm not gay.)
And I'm straight edge.
But, White woman think Asian man are ugly?
White people think Asian people are unattractive?
White people think Asian people are unattractive?

From my perspective I don't think they're unattractive, I think they're more attractive then the other races, at least the girls are for me the guys I don't have an opinion on.
White people think Asian people are unattractive?
From my perspective I don't think they're unattractive, I think they're more attractive then the other races, at least the girls are for me the guys I don't have an opinion on.[/QUOTE]

Thanks reply.
What are the grounds?
Thanks reply. Really?What are the grounds?

I live in Canada so mostly people are white here so white to me is boring, gotta spice things up a little, I'm in love with the Asian culture to begin with and if I had (had) a girlfriend that was Asian I could easily learn more about the culture. But it's not about the race, it's about if two people share a good mutual connection and can be compatible and comfortable and be themselves with each other. With that said, Asian is my preference. I don't think white people think of Asian people has ugly, most people aren't that low to think of a race as ugly. In all my 18 years of living in a western country (mostly white) I have never heard of westerners think of Asian people as ugly.
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Thing is, there are beauty and ugly, that is a fact.
It is also a fact that we can perceive the world through our own perspective or through society perspective.
I can't really say for society if either you are or not physical attractive to girls but I can say that it really doesn't matter.

You see, you can look like baby diarrhea to someone's opinion but as long as you like yourself nothing else matters. No one is going to say good stuff to you unless they say either for your own sake (piety?) or because they want something from you.

So I'm not trying to be harsh here but you really shouldn't think bad about yourself! Learn to like your features, everyone has a charm. I know that this is really difficult but I there's an exercise for this. Everyday you wake up, look in the mirror and say something nice about you. About your face, your mouth, your smile, your personality. Anything but it must be good! And don't just think about it! Say it! Verbalizing is reeaaallyyy hard but as soon as you get used to it, it changes everything.

If you learn to LIKE yourself, people will start liking you even more, white people, black people, rainbow people, everyone!

I'm rooting for ya!
I think that an Western European people(British, Irish, German, Scandinavian, Afrikaner people) in particular is the most beautiful people.
Strange - here in Europe there's a stereotype that British people are ugly and have bad teeth! Just search Google Images for "British teeth" and you'll see what I mean.

Rest assured - there are plenty of ugly white people as well. People are not automatically beautiful because they're caucasian, and they're definitely not automatically ugly because they're Asian. You can't generalize like that.
Then there is the case of the so called "Asian Fever". You have non-Asians who can only see beauty in Asian types and not in their own race.
There is as much "ugly" white people as there is "ugly" Asians, just because actors, models and what not in makeup and perfect light look good doesn't represent the way most white people look.
As for respecting and loving someone because they are white is ******* stupid.
If you prefer white girls sure why not, but if you completely ignore every girl that isn't white, tall, blonde and with blue eyes you are going to stay virgin forever.
And well you just sound like a delusional guy that doesn't want to accept reality and if you can't find a Japanese girlfriend what makes you think that you will find one that is white?
It sounds like you're just insecure. You need to figure out how to live with and love yourself. If you are attractive to yourself then you'll be attractive to others too.
Hmmm, personally, I think flat noses are kind of unattractive. Not to be personally insulting, that's just my gut reaction. In fact, I also think prominent noses are unattractive, and I myself happen to have a distinguished honker that is surely the first thing people notice about me; it was certainly the subject of no small amount of teasing as a youth. On top of that, I damaged it in a fall as young child - before I had a nose bone to break, so instead I bruised and deformed the cartilige (sp...) to have permanent enlargement of just the bridge of the nose.

And yet, it turns out that there are no small amount of women who really, really like large noses. (Not exactly a -common- preference or more celebrities would get nose-enlargement surgery... but still, a substantial minority. Odd things you learn listening to NPR.)

In fact, my own nose pales in comparison to beaks of the sorts of men that that sort of woman is attracted to. Which also helps me to realize that the 'largeness' of my nose is a relative thing (also relatively less large on my face as an adult than it was as a child.)

Anyway, you could find similar things about any normal variation in physical features. Some people find large noses attractive, or small noses, flat noses or high noses; large eyes or small, close set eyes or wide set eyes; blonde, red, or dark hair; slender bodies or plump bodies; straight teeth or irregular teeth...

Of course many people find blonde hair, blue eyes, extremely low body fat, large breasts on women and 'six-pack abs' on men to be attractive --- the successful western entertainment media pushes that type. Go back a some centuries and such people would be terribly unnattractive - to tribal and medieval peoples, thin bodies look like someone who has neither wealth nor skills and isn't getting enough to eat, and plumpness is an attractive trait associated with having plenty (much like a body that can only be developed with a personal trainer and a lot of time and money to devote to the effort; and a bit more direct intervention than that for some features.) To the successful and powerful classical civilizations of Greece and Rome, blue hair and blonde eyes were traits of ruthless barbarians that were thought of as more like beasts than men. Many cultures have viewed muscular bodies as being the ugly brutal bodies of low class laborers.

What people find attractive or not has to do with personal experience (features that belong to people we are close to will seem more attractive, while childhood teasing might leave one with a strong impression about a certain feature as being awful), with genetics (we all have certain instincts about what a good mate would look like, whether we recognize those instincts or not), and with what societal pressures tell us.

There's no one 'best' appearance. The final result of these factors is pretty arbitrary both in what cultural norms are in a given time and place, and what an individual's preferences are. It's really best not to get to hung up on it, and just accept people and their preferences for what they are.

As far as flat noses go, to bring it back around to closing on a personal note... I've certainly seen flat-nosed dorama actors remarked on as being extremely attractive by western women (due to the nature of internet forums I can't easily tell you if those women are in fact blonde-haired and blue-eyed, but it's likely some of them are). There's a very good chance that you'll meet white women who think you are attractive. It'd be best not to scare them off by, for example, obsessing to much about their appearance or your own; or, for example, by trying to attach some deep significance to the body type that western media pushes on us as the model of attractiveness.
I think appearance is just appearance. To be sure, Japanese people often long for blond hair and blue eyes because they don't have them. I think they want what they don'y have. As Japanese say they wish to become white people, white people may say they wish to have black eyes or black hair like Asian people. One Japanese famous poet said everyone is different, but the difference is wonderful. And there is one Japanese prov 'Juunin Toiro'.That means 'everyone has their own colors' So, we may think of enjoying differences.
I want to marry a White woman in the future.
I think White woman are most beautiful and attractive.
I love White woman.
The marriage with the White woman is proof of the winners in Asia.
Asian and White mixe race are attractive most beautifully in Asia.
By the way I'm virginity 22 year all life. (But I'm not gay.)
And I'm straight edge.
Wow...ain't that a lot in just a few sentences.

Opinions about your ideas aside, I find asian women to have the most exotic and beautiful features. This is because I find beuty in what apeals to me exotic, if I didn't I would probably think my ethnicity is the most beautiful. On the other hand, I think asian men are not half as attractive as the women, I guess asian features "fit" best to me on women.
Every race has good looking people and not so good looking people,
this is the way of life. You get the hand you're dealt.

In my opinion, Asian People are beautiful for the most part.
You say you have a flat face, nose etc but in reality, what is wrong with that?

It's the same as everywhere, every region around the world has attributes that makes it easier to distinguish where they're from, I'm not sure what the reason behind this is, but it's just so.
A lot of people say "Why anime characters look white?" I think this makes us think Japanese people look to be ugly.
Anime characters have big eyes, but that's not what Japanese people look like to Non-Asian people.
I think there many beautiful people with small eyes.
A lot of people say "Why anime characters look white?" I think this makes us think Japanese people look to be ugly.
Anime characters look white, actually, simply because there was originally an extremely small palette of cel paints available (I recall it as being 36 colors, but it could have been a few more ; in that range anyway.)

You couldn't simply mix your own colors on the fly because you needed to make thousands of cels with identical colors, with many of the cels being worked on by different individuals that nonetheless had to make a seamless whole when put back together.

(There are technically ways you could mix your own colors and make it work out, of course, but it would multiply the animation costs drastically.)

As a result, white and asian characters were both painted with the same 'flesh' color. (Western companies were producing the paints for Disney and others before there were color anime, hence the 'white westerner' tone to the 'flesh' color). Blacks were painted the same brown as tree-trunks. Other ethnicities either also got 'flesh' color or got some fairly unnatural color.

The wild hair colors also stem from the same reasoning. If you make everyone's hair just black with blue highlights... while that might be more accurately asian-looking for cases where the characters are all Asian, it also makes for a bunch of characters that are difficult to tell apart. Especially in the low resolution of standard broadcast television. Hence hair color. Since almost all the characters would 'actually' have black hair and it was just stylized for character differentiation, there was no need to limit to 'natural' hair colors and you got pink, green, blue, etc., whatever color seemed appropriate to the character's personality.

Those color tropes having been established persist today through artistic tradition, even though we have a full color palette with modern computer-assisted animation, and higher resolution televisions so that color differentiation would be less essential and you could have more natural colors if you so desired.

In short, Anime characters aren't colored the way they are out of any inferiority complex or western fetish, it was just a natural stylization resulting from the limitations of the media.

As for the big eyes, that's an artistic style that grew out of the manga industry. The big eyes allow the artist room for emotional expression in a line drawing that can still be seen even on the blurry cheap printings of weekly manga magazines. Manga characters are highly stylized, but i don't think there's anything particularly 'western' about them. If there's western influence on the style, it's from early talking animal cartoons, which also featured big eyes, also for the reason of making it easier to show expressions.

(Of course there *are* many individuals in Japan who idolize the west and westernize themselves in various ways, but that's not the source of anime and manga styles. And the existence of such individuals doesn't really hold any meaning about how attractive or not the Japanese are -- there are also many individuals in the west who idolize Japan! The grass is always greener, as they say.)
Hi, I am a 23 year old Portuguese American. I think you're very insecure, and shouldn't be! Personally, out of every background, I am most attracted to Asian men. I think there are both beautiful people and not so beautiful people in EVERY race. Quit being so insecure! Be confident, women find men more attractive that way anyway :)
I think around 1970's, Asian people were regarded as ugly. Bruce Lee was a first person who was considered as a nice looking person as far as I know. I remember a movie called "The Bruce Lee Story". It is about Bruce Lee's life story. The first movie that he played was "The Green Hornet" but he needed wear a mask too hide he is Asian. During that time, he met a girl and they fell in love. But the girl's friend tried to stop her because Bruce Lee was Asian.
When I saw the movie, I was very shocked because I would admire The U.S. But I can understand it. Japanese people used to be described as a man with buckteeth and wearing goofy looking glasses at that time.
I am a white woman blonde hair and blue eyes from America and I think Asian guys especially those from Japan are very attractive. I have a crush on Aoi from Gazette . I am mixed too though my real mother was German and Irish but my father is Native American. I had a step mother who is Polish and my son is Hispanic believe me it all depends on how you treat people more than looks I think. Looks can always change but your character and heart are what determines who you are as a person. If you have a good heart and treat people with respect and compassion looks won't always be a major factor of why someone can like you. Love yourself no matter what you look like. If you have confidence in yourself and have true friends and family that love you that's all that really matters. Be your genuine self and love yourself no matter what.
Sorry, what I meant was the movie's title. By the way, I only watched the movie version.

The Green Hornet was originally created as a radio series and comic book series. The character of Kato (as an Asian) existed for decades before the movie and everybody knew Kato was an Asian man. It would have been strange if they had not used an Asian actor to play the part. While it is very very very true that Hollywood has a long history of unfair treatment of every minority and that they even used white actors made up to resemble Asians rather than just hire Asian actors, in this one case (at least) of Bruce Lee playing Kato, they were not trying to hide the fact he was Asian.

Historically, both the Green Hornet and Kato wore masks while doing their crime fighting activities.
Whenever I see people use the word "Asia", I want to ask, which countries are part of Asia, where does Asia start and finish?
Asia is such a diverse region, I would not know how to describe a typical "Asian". "Asia" is a Latin word. There is no indigenous Asian word for Asia.
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