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Whispered Dreams


18 Jan 2004
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My site is an anime, manga, japan, manga drawing site. I am thinking of seperating it into categories soon but its fine now. Once I get good at manga I will release manga tutorials and manga comic strips.

I am working on a portal, got a fast reply up(hard coded by me) and I am working on a small welcome panel to lead to diffrent pages I am setting up. I have figured out the whole vbulletin page creating thing and the template setup, now I just need to setup some useful pages.

Any suggestions or reviews for the site we be greatly appreciated!

Also, on a lighter note, there are two competitions setup. A manga competition and a graphic design one. Just for fun though the prizes can be useful!!
A few suggestions:
For the bulletin, board, create a template based on a character of your favorite series.
Create sections of the page that focus on your favorite anime series. Place in information, insight, etc. Maybe even make some galleries.

Looks good so far. Keep it up. :)
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