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Which Program is the best for Japanese People? ICQ, AIM, MSN, YIM,...???

What Chat/Contact-Programs do you use? I prefer...

  • ...ICQ!

    Votes: 9 22.5%
  • ...Aim!

    Votes: 4 10.0%
  • ...MSN!

    Votes: 25 62.5%
  • ...YIM!

    Votes: 5 12.5%
  • ...another one...

    Votes: 7 17.5%

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19 Jun 2003
I like ICQ but it doesn't work well in multilanguage environment...
- Which is the most used program by Japanese people?
- Which is a good program to have more japanese contacts??

🙂 Please tell me 🙂
I have plenty of Japanese contacts on YIM. Have you ever tried going into the Japan rooms at Yahoo chat? That's where I found a lot of my contacts. Of course, there are many freaks there, but you can weed through those... :p
Like the ones that are constantly asking if you want to see their "parts"...if you know what I mean. I don't consider that very appealing when somebody just PMs me out of the blue and asks me if I want to see their equipment.
Haha @ kirei na me!! that's funny^^ I can't understand such guys as well....
I have one account for each network and use one single program to communicate to all of them at the same time. It's called gaim (Pidgin).
You could also check Trillian. It has the same features and is more Windows user-friendly. (http://www.trillian.cc)
Hope you like them.
:) Haha, I use all of them really, but I like msn and ICQ much better. I've found that on Yahoo you mostly get all the idiots and what not. Then AOL is really mainly Americans... Which doesn't have to be bad, just that it can get kinda borring. ICQ is great for geeks and developers since it was one of the first good messaging networks!
And msn is okayish... I think msn is the most regular messenger service... I actually met a few asian people through msn and none on any other services. But now that msn has closed the chatrooms I don't use it as much, but they still have the Japanese chats open, w00t!!

I don't go their very often but once when I did some people got angry at me, I think it was a missunderstanding or something. Because I've found the way they were speaking in many different texts on the net. like "It thinks to which it lacks intelligence to learn well" and I was like "What, I'm not an it!:p and I'm not stupid either!!" and then it all got kind of worse... oh well.

I have started using ICQ again recently, and beginning to like it more. ICQ was the first instant messaging service I used and loved it at first, but then, I got into YIM and stayed with YIM for 3 years or so. Now, it looks like I'm coming back to where I started.
i like icq it was the first i had as well. though to be more versitile i have msn and aim whihc for some reason i tend to switch back and forth between the two. and my icq is waaaay old, i dont like the banner ads in it so i never updated past 2000a it kinda sucks because it doenst store my contacts on the server, and i see it gettin some bugs. and i like icqplus thaty way i can skin my icq and it looks alot better.
now, i try yahoo chat rooms, and people try to send me messages. problem: empty profile, not even gender/age... makes me press the deny button... and the english is... not to bad... i can assume the communication subject... where are the japanese people?

now, would'nt it be appreciate to talk to me within the chat room, instead of sending a message to me?

or, do i get something wrong?

i spend an hour, tried six or seven people... wasn't really talking anything.
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I think many of them (Japanese) use MSN messenger than others.
But recently they use Skype for chatting and voice chat.
I use Trillian - connects to them all! Woohoo!! I also have Skype, but I don't really use it :p. I don't know anyone, hahahaha.
In my case.I use MSN messenger at work time.I am using skype,QQ(like icq,chinese version and do not surport multilingual).
I use Skype, icq and msn and I'm happy with them.
I should add that recently Microsoft and yahoo signed a deal to connect msn and yahoo messenger into one big network

Edit:should add that I don't use icq just got it installed, all my contacts got ether msn or skype too so we normally use either of them
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I love Msn Messenger, since last week my wife have a new computer, so we can use Video conference now :D I'M SOOO HAPPY , i can see her one the whole screen, and talk to her the same time :D:D:D:D
I don't see how a group of people could be better suited for one program. They all work nicely, and if you want to use one client to connect to them all at the same time and save RAM then use GAIM, or Trillian.👍
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