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Which one have you tried?


24 Sep 2006
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The following is a list of 'alternative' or 'complementary' or 'non-conventional' therapies or systems of health care.

* Acupuncture
* Alexander Technique
* Aromatherapy
* Ayurvedic medicine
* Bach remedies
* Biofeedback
* Chiropractic
* Crystal therapy
* Dowsing
* Healing
* Herbal Medicine
* Homeopathy
* Hypnotherapy
* Iridology
* Kinesiology
* Massage
* Naturopathy
* Nutritional therapy
* Osteopathy
* Reflexology
* Radionics
* Shamanism
* Shiatsu
* Traditional Chinese Medicine
* Unani Medicine
* Yoga

Some on this list are respected and have professional recognition within conventional health circles and some, in my humble opinion, are just plain bonkers!

I was curious about some of them and wondered if anyone could shed some light on them. I have had acupuncture, bach remedies, homeopathy, herbal medicine, massage, reflexology and shiatsu from the list. I am of course biased to acupuncture and think that there’s very little a good sharp needle can’t cure!

So I have two questions:
  • Which of these have you tried?
  • What did you think about them?


Danshaku Sadako
30 Dec 2003
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Herbal Medicine
- You can take it in its purest form (plant) or take 'em in tablets or capsules. The purest forms have interesting flavors...

- I tell you touch therapy works wonders. Especially after a hard days work. :)
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