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Which musical instrument do you like or play?


18 Sep 2002
Hi :).

Many ppl hear ~SURE~ likes music lol ..;) so what musical instrument u like or u play ??

For me, I only play the guitar. I would like to play the piano, but don't have much free time :eek:

Also, the violin is nice, drums yeh cool, lol :).

I have a rather expensive Yamaha PSR730 keyboard.
When i bought it, i had the intension to take lessons, but i never got round to doing so. So now it's leaning against the wall... for years already... :)

I do mess about with sequencers and drumcomputers. It's easier to program then to play live. :D
lol .. why didnt u take lessons ? if u willl i think ull be more intersting in piano i toke guitar lessons so i be more intersteing in it & now im good in it :) ..

i hate MIDI stuff in the pc ... i like it live :D
I play Guitar, Bass, Piano, and the Chinese Erhu. During the summer, I sometimes play my guitar in Harajuku with friends on Sunday afternoons.
I was a bit too impulsive with my spending at that time so i couldn't afford it. On top of the i had too many hobbies at once. I did try some selfeducation but i lacked the discipline to keep going.
Oh well, you're never too old to learn so i'll just keep postponing it until i do have the time. In about 36 years i'll retire... :D
Speaking of instruments, I just went to a bagpipe concert last night. Boy oh boy, those things just give me the shivers when I hear them live. There was a really awesome duet between a fiddle and a bagpipe that got two calls for an encore.

Overall, though, I would say that I enjoy the sound of the Violin the most. I took lessons in middle school for a year, but after that the program fell apart and that was the end of my violin learning days.
Well, I'm a music graduate and currently taking a postgrad so I guess I should join in on this conversation! <laughs>

I'm a grade 8 (like that means anything!) in saxophone and vocal. I play the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone and singing is my life. I have an electric guitar, electro acoustic guitar and bass guitar but that doesn't mean I'm very good! I play mediocre piano and recorder. I've just started learning the shakuhachi (thats a traditional japanese end blown flute) and am hoping to train under a really good tutor when I find one.

I think thats it.. as I said though.. singing really is my life and I'd do anything to do it for a living - lead singer in a rock band with influences rooted in both western and j rock. Can I find a band though?

Thats me!

*sniff* i cant play anything :(
but i love the guitare! and piano...the harp, celo and violin are nice but the bag pipes are amazing!
I played the cello for 10 years. 10years! And now all my cello does is sit in my closet patiently waiting for me to pick it up. I had no time in college and I miss it so much. I'm pretty rusty I'm sure. I also played french horn and mellophone in marching band
I have in the past played the flute(in a marching band) and on occasion played a tune or two on the tin whistle(penny whistle) I have always been interested in guitars, probably because we Irish enjoy a real good old fashioned "knees up" I have never been able to read a note of music, I seem to play by ear, and by listening to my Father, traditional music is incorporated into our way of life, hence the reason I play the tin whistle,
@midnitestar7, I would love to hear you sing!!!
@bagpipes, hmmm I've had the privilege to hear them a few times, and they are magnificent 🙂
@violin, I have only once heard a violin played with great excitement and speed, (on Holladay)it was an unforgettable experience, one that I wish I could repeat!!!!
I quit guitar lessons.. :-/ Now I play the tambourine in my friend's band, Paul & Harry?. It's not much of an instrument.. but I think it counts for something.
Just finished building a studio in my home in Nagano city. I'm in heavenly bliss now.

I play synth/keyboards, guitar, bass, and vocals. I love electronic music, funk, and jazz. Anything actually.

Keep music alive!
I play electric guitar,accoustic guitar,bass guitar,vocal,and a little bit of viola

other instruments I would like to play are..

the kinds of music I like
Neo-Classical Metal
Guitar instrumental
Jazz / Fusion
Bossa Nova
New Age
some Heavy Metal
some Classical
some R&B , I mean the really good ones
I played for about 10 years of percussion. I was in two bands... but then both bands fell apart. I had no place to play anymore by myself since we just had a flat and you can't play the percussion there, so I stopped. now, 4 years later, I live in another city, I could theoretically play again... hmm... at ti, as I think about it... I played mostly Konga, Tumba and other large hand-played rums or metallophone.
I used to play piano. Not that I liked playing the musical instrument, but my parents wanted me to. I would prefer to play harp, but my parents were afraid that I would not be able to handle it. They were worried that I might be flattened by it; I was weak, sickly and worse, only 5 feet tall..and still am.:p :p :p
well... i was a clarinet player in the school band. Played for 6 years and then had stopped when i entered University. For now... i just make music with my voice! I love singing!
What songs do you sing usually, teardrop? I love to sing too! I was a soprano in school choir. Then I was trained to be both mezzo soprano and tenor. These days I am so inspired by singers like Norah Jones, Diana Krall and the late Rosemary Cloony, that I only sing jazz and blues.
I used to play the violin, and a little bit piano. I studied violin playing in this sort of academy for 12 years, i stopped it 5 years ago... then i just wanted to stop, i felt so frustrated with it, and with the academys requirements.

Now i feel sad and i miss my violin...I can't play it in my appartment, because of the other people living in here, and I feel too embarrased to play in my parent's house, after 5 years..I guess i'm too proud :)

I'd love to play some jazzy things with it, or some rrreal tango, or electric violin would be cool too...like vanessa mae.. hih ;)
i play guitar i have two right now my first one is a hammer double cut away kinda a cheep ol' guitar to get started on then i have my baby my jackson king-v i love it i am also saving up for iether an american jackson RR or a kelly(any input on which you think i should get?) i have been playing for about 5-6 years i play in a death/speed metal band called misanthrope
hmm, it seems not that many play here.

well, myself i play the piano. and have been doing so since the age of 3 (sort of a pre-communist Russian stereotype) so I managed to get pretty good. :D :D

but the guitar rules too. :D
Playing the violin for 12 years and then quit? Owch, that's hard. Maybe buy an electric one? Pop on your headphones and no one will hear :)

Me, I like to play synths..got a few and play/program them a lot.
I like to play the flute as well and about every other instrument I might come across..

Piano is great too, but I had to sell mine as I went to live in a smaller flat. *sob*
Never had any lessons though.
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