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Which Member of Nittle Grasper are You? (Gravitation Quiz)

I was Ryuichi nanoda ^_^! o_O ... I have taken a bunch of tests about which gravitation character I am out of all the character's though, and they all said i was Tatsuha *happy smirk* (Tatsuha is probably my favorite character in gravitation... im not sure though... it's really hard to choose there are so many awesome characters ^_^)
That was a good scene.... well I also like Tohma....because he's partially inspired by Daisuke Asakura...and kind of looks like him....DA's the best!!!! *Likes Gravi's new AV*
*a burning question* is it just me or does any one else here think that tohma is indeed quatre (from gundam wing) in disguise o_O (they have the same voice actors and everything!)
I found it on accident...I thought it was pretty cool. Have you checked out the "Tohma in his natural environment" thing? That cracked me up
Yeah DA was a key influence in Tohma's creation...it was him and one other person...I want to say DK of The Seeker....but I'm not sure
eheheh i saw the tohma in his natural environment thing.... er the entire thing it was called "The Tohma Files" I think... XD ... that was hilarious ... my friend met the girl who runs nittlegrasper.com at a convention once o_o
I'm Tohma Seguchi.. but am not sure if I like him... (sweat) I mean I kinda prefer Eiri and hates Tohma for the things he did to Eiri and Shuichi. Am I the only one who thinks so?? :confused:
I used to kinda dislike Tohma because of how mean he was to Shuichi but I like him more now... I think hes even cooler now that KlahaxGackt told me hes based on DA 😄 ... There are the bad things about him being mean to Shuichi (although i think its kind of funny sometimes) but he has a lot of good things about him too like going psycho and trying to kill Aizawa... not that any of what i just said made remotely any sence but oh well 😌 ...
and! Tohma rules the universe 😲 ... however scary that thought is... (and I didn't just make that up hehe... Maki Murakami wrote it in the remixes o_o .. she put in this random laws of gravitation and one of them was that Tohma rules the universe na no da!)

gomen ne for the randomness *sweatdrop*😌
yeah Tohma is very well hooked up in the world isn't he? I would love to have some of those connetions...the only thing I really don't like about Tohma is that he's married to Eiri's sister. He could've found a nice pretty boy to love....really, you met the girl that runs the site...that's cool. I want to go to a con someday, but I want to cosplay.
i cosplayed as shuichi ^_^ it was so awesome! There was 6 shuichis and one yuki and one time the yuki walked down the hall past all the shuichis and we were like "HEY! other shuichis lets go rape yuki!!!" and we all glomped him and got pictures taken while attacking him hehe *laughs psychotically* hehe
🙂 YAY another Ryuichi hehe!! you havent watched gravitation na no da??? you must watch it no da!! I am watching it right now actually 😄 .its my favorite show and im completely obsessed with it. ;)
ooh and KlahaxGackt there is a good reason for Tohma to marry Mika no da! He can't just get a pretty boy (even though he "rules the universe" law #2 of remix) cuz hes so obsessed with yuki no da... so since theres no way he could marry yuki he married his sister... thats my interpretation of it anyway *shrugs*
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