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Which Kenshin DVD should I get?


1 Aug 2003
I was going to buy the Rurouni Kenshin OVAs Trust and Betrayal this week, but when I went to the store I also saw that they offer a Director's Cut of Trust and Betrayal. I tried looking up what the difference was between the DVDs, but I couldn't find anything. Besides the prices, what are the differences between the regular Trust and Betrayal and the Director's Cut of Trust and Betrayal? And also which one would you recommend me getting? Thanks.
Have you tried going on websites that sell them to see the special features? It may be that the directors cut has new scenes that were cut of the originals.
Uhh the first four OAVs which are prequels are amazing... they follow Kenshin during his bakufu days... and are pretty slick. I love episode two's depiction of the Ikedya Tea Affair with the Shinsengumi... well maybe its because I'm from Miburo.

The last two Oavs which chronical Kenshin's Death are terrible and aren't even done by nobuhiro. Even the animation on them isn't like the prequel. I think they are called redemption or something like that... steer clear.
Director's Cut of Trust & Betrayal. The first four OAVs are the best among the animated adaptations of Kenshin.
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