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Which is your best company to get body kits from?

I don't think there is a best. It depends on your style. It's like asking what the best clothing line is.
I agree, it all comes down to personal taste. If you're talking the complete range (spoilers, wings, ground effects, wide-body kits, grills, mirrors, fender flares, etc.), then Veilside, Greddy, Blitz, and Erebuni Aerodynamics are probably my favorites. You mentioned you like Veil's Celica work so I thought you might also like some older model Celicas (94-95) with ground effects by Erebuni (taken from their official website btw):

And another... Lamborghini-style door conversion on a Celica?!? Not sure if that's cool or just plain silly. 8-p

i like them all
noticed yeaterday while going in for an oil change (it's the disposal i hate), that honda FINALLY has a (piddling) performance dept
man, i like the older ones with the four hlights
no torque, but then again i like the redline and easy availablity of aftermarket (if i need it -- not that i will use em for anything other than air filters, plugs, etc.) parts
I agree with most of the da people that replied to this thread. It's all about personal taste. To me, I believe how one customizes or what car that person would die to have said a a lot about their taste. And vice versa. Some people would say that an EK9 that's been spooned out with a carbon fibre hood and spoon rims is the tightest looking car. In contrast, others may say that the R34 from 2f2f is da best-looking car. I, on da other hands, believes that a midnight purple R33 is the cleanest and most beautiful looking car ever. I thought I would like an S13.. ahh, well. I drive an 89 Buick century that barely runs, and I'm happy.. .. . not happy with the car. But that I don't have to ride my bike. Well anyways. Cars are what defines one's taste, in my opinion. Some may say a vielside body kit looks the nicest and reduces weight the most in body kits. Some may say box does. Some may say the Celica sport package body kit is the nicest. It is all about taste. etc. etc. etc... peace
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