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Which design do you prefer ?


17 Jul 2002
I've created a few designs for the forum. They aren't available in the options yet, but you can see them by clicking on each category title (general, section francaise, societ&culture, entertainment, member lounge, site admin).

Let me know your preference and suggestions.

Pfuh ! 2:30am, it's time to go to bed. 😌
Ack, the first thing that needs to be done is clean up the cluttered interface. It all looks very disorganized.

As for the coloring, i would go for the Site Administration version.
honestly i like the light silver, looks elegant, just clean
don't like the logo though, no offense :)
I like the Site Administration one or the Section Francaise one. Those bright colors are really hard on the eyes, I think.
I like Site Administration (maybe replace the orange with another shade of grey or blue?) and Entertainment for the option of a darker look (though it's a bit too Halloweenish right now), but the defaults are just fine with me also.
Can We Get Back......

the list of members who have signed on for the last 24 hour period? It was always at the bottom, & it was handy to know if someone you wanted to contact had been on to read their PM's and posts.

i agree about entertainment's color. i was like whoooo! i think i am still seeing dots ;)
Hi everyone,

Thanks for your feedback !

Don't worry about things that have disappeared (new members, quizz, gallery, search subforums, country flags, etc.) as eeverything should progressively go back to normal, but we have to edit the templates one by one, as it wasn't done automatically with the vBulletin upgrade. That will take some time, though, as there are now other priorities on the main site (complete redesign).

I happy that you like the grey of the site admin section, as it was going to be the new standard version, which will match our new JREF design (can have a preview <a href=Japan Directory>here</a> (as you see, the orange is the category colour of the forum, so we won't change it).
i like this one and the green oneand the general one. but i dont really like VB buttons, i like the old graphics much better.
grey-orange? o well :) it's not like i plan to leave because of it, as long as the content/people/info remain the same
very thankful to have a site like this at all :)
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