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Which city has the least homeless?


30 Aug 2003
I used to live in Fuji city (Shizouka Prefecture). Pretty quiet place, and I could see mt. Fuji everyday. I lived there for about 9 months but decided to move to Osaka, because Fuji was too boring for me.

When I arrived in Osaka (I have been here 4 months) I was appaled at all the homeless people, everywhere!

I know that it's rough these days, but homeless people everywhere really lowers a city's apperence. Osaka is very dirty and looks worse with tons of homeless setting up blue tents everywhere.

I was wondering what the homeless situation was in other big/mid-sized cities (Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukoka, Sendai, Sapporo)

If anybody lives in Japan, I would like to here about their surroundings, and the homeless issue there. And what they think of the homeless issue in Japan.
Osaka is kind of capital city for homless people. I hear it is known for treating homless people best in japan so many bums go there. They have many social welfare programs and social workers to help the homless people. They social workers walk around the city and get to know the bums and ask them how they are doing and "did you hear that this place 5 streets from here needs someone like you? You should go and apply! See you tommoow!" Weird...but whatever works. But Osaka isn't as bad as places in canada and the USA ... At least I found almost all bums didn't ask for money... they all were entrepenuers! Osaka bums would sell their used magizines/comics to people walking by!
Yea Navy.

Try Sasebo. I hear the Navy kidnaps the homeless off the streets to to the hard work onboard their ships. No stray cats or dogs either, Navy chow is bad!
Sapporo has pretty much no homeless people for one simple reason. It's too damn cold in the winter (we are under snow for about 5 months of the year). They would die if they slept outside.

Then why do we still have a crap load of homeless here in the Motor City? It is strange weather here. Monday it was 70 and today, Wednesday, it is like 38...crappy
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