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Which anime did you think have a bad ending?


Crazy Kitty Girl "Meow"
3 Nov 2003
I have seen alot of animes where I did not agree with the ending. Sometimes they would leave you hanging and they never finished it. Posts all your complaints here.
I havnt finished the Kenshin series yet I wonder what happens but dont spoil thanks
yeah, i agree... the Kenshin final OVA was a bit sad, didn't expect it to be like that after the 3 funfilled seasons...

As for others... Mmm... X Tv is also done pretty poorly as so much storyline are crammed into the final few episodes... Another one that comes to mind is DNA2, it could've had a happier ending.
The whole series was like that and it all depends which ending. I hated the one for kite. I have to look at my list for a couple more. Keep posting.
As for Gainax productions... Yeah, i find most of them are pretty weak too....
Hmm...FLCL, Kare Kano, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Mahoromatic, and Nadia just to name a few-nyo.:

Ayashi no Ceres <~ Ending sux!
Hana Yori Dango <~ The series dragged on far too long and then.. abrupt ending.. Not really a sad ending but one kinda feel cheated after watching everything..
Which Kenshin OAV? There are two. the One about Kenshin in the Bakufu is AMAZING. Especially the scene with the Shinsen Gumi. Watching the Ikedya tea house scene was L33T!!!!!!! Best fight scene and best music to go with the scene EVER!
There is a second OAV series set 15 years after the TV show, which was not made by Watsuki. DO NOT WATCH IT. Its a garbage story, and not based on the continuity, (kenshin said he was done with the military) Its not even his art. It was some executive's idea to cash out as much on kenshin as possible.

I thought Chobits had a weak ending. I just sat at the end and was like...

"Thats IT?"

I kinda guess that when I got to the last episode and it was only 30 minutes long with so many untied endings. Then I got to the commercial break and Im like, this is so going to suck.
Oh... the 2nd Kenshin OAV was not done by Watsuki? Yeah, this one was terrible, Kenshin looks so old and weak like he couldn't hold a sword anymore.

And yeah, Chobits also has a weak ending too... the last episode was like compressing 5 episodes into one. They could've at least talked more about those two mysterious persocons....
This is what I heard from a friend who styles himself as Otaku god. Nobuhiro's name is on the box, but its always says original story, which probably indicates that the writers took his work and made the rest of the story from his work. Watasuki always claimed that he hates sad endings. And if you don;t think that Watasuki had creative rights over it, think again, look at the last season of the series, it had nothing to do with his own characters, or the story for them. Furthermore, the OAV's charaters bear little resemblance to the characters of the anime and manga...
End of Eva. *_* My brain was mush after that and caused me to get only an 80% on my physics test...+_+;;;that is so messed up..
Ehh well since I prefered End of Eva to episodes 25 and 26 (I know it's a clever ending, but face it, those episodes weren't fun to watch) it didn't bother me much.

I didn't like the way Hellsing 'ended' though, it was dull. I realise it's because Incognito was created for the series and wasn't in the manga and such, but I still think it was done badly, since I dont think they have any plans of continuing the anime.
My vote's for Mahoromatic. Without giving much away to anyone who hadn't seen it, the last episode of the sequel was horrific in my view, what with Suguru having grown up to be a greasy, bitter android bounty hunter after Mahoro sacrificed herself. What the HELL was that all about? It thoroughly shocked and disgusted me.
The only endings that I don't like are: Mouse and Dirty Pair Flash. (Cuz I guess they weren't popular)
X THe Movie, I would say. At first, I was really excited when I bought it, but after watching it, felt like want to throw it away. Everyone died except for kamui, I think.
Why some of them bother to do an anime like this?
I agree with you, Slayer. I don't think it would have been as bad if Kamui had died too, but just keeping him alive was kind of lame, because he would have nothing to do. He had no friends, no love, and no one to fight.
There are a few..

-Hotaru no Haka
-Kono minikuku mo utsukushii sekai, Green green - not an ending i would expect.
-Ghost in the shell.. the first movie, don't remember the title..

Well.. can't think of more right now..
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