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which airlines do you fiy with...


25 Dec 2002
Air Canada
Only because it takes me from my local city to Vancouver. Practically every Canadian Airline company goes bankcrupt hence the the godawful service and flight meals.

Japan Airlines
For when i aboard from Vancouver to Tokyo. Not bad i guess. But everytime i go im always looking forward to the new planes with the TVs in the seat infront of you. But nooooooooooo i go on these dirty old planes, after shelling out $1500 Cdn. for the entire trip.

So, IF i goto Japan this December I am planning to redirect my flight to Seattle to Tokyo. Because i am assuming that since Seattle has a higher democraphic population compared to Vancouver, and id finally be able to get to go on the newer planes. On the other hand i proably should go on Air Canada to support the Canadian economy, but nah.
i fly whatever airline has the cheapest fare to where im going.
united is kinda picky about drinking over international waters. well not that that matters to me anymore but still.
If I want to bounce from say Florida to Cali or vice-versa then JetBlue Airways (only $99 each way cost-to-coast from Long Beach to Ft. Lauderdale, 7-day advance purchase required). United for long distance flights from the U.S. And JAL and ANA from Japan obviously (yeah, I even flew on that Pokemon plane a couple times..).

Here's a handy little Airline index that has links to the official websites as well as toll-free #'s btw.

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Northwest because they are the cheapest airline that flies into Kansai International in Osaka, bar Asiana which requires a stop in Korea. Service is not wonderful, but you can't beat 900 USD tickets in the height of tourist season. I also have far too many miles on account to switch.
I ride Cathay Pacific when i'm going to Asian locations.

However, I really enjoyed Quantas (Australian Airlines)... their service, the food, and the seats are comfy! (economic seats)
When I go on a trip I usually fly with Northwest airlines. The reasons are that first, they have direct flights to Tokyo from the US. The other reason is that I can rack up a grip of miles flying back and forth from Tokyo to the States. However, the food on these flights are not that appetizing. I am sure other airlines provide much more tasty meals, but oh well it`s all good.
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