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15 Oct 2003
I'm planning a trip to Japan for the early part of next year, say march or april. i'm not gonna have a load of dosh to go all round so can anyone recomend one particular city or area that they think would be a good place for a first timer in Japan to go. any links to sites with info would be much appreciated as well. Thanks🙂
Hello Mr_Moulee
My name is jackson huang.I am a student in Tokyo Japan.But I am not a Japanese.I like to travel,too.So maybe I can give you some good idea when you come to Tokyo Japan.
But first please let me know where will you go? Or what will you see? What is your purpose?Thinks🙂
hi moulee, i am pretty muhc in the same boat as you, it all depends if you want a package holiday!!!! this one is pretty good

Small group tours & tailormade trips to Japan | InsideJapan Tours but i also still dont know if i want to go on my own steam rather than a tour. However the tour does seem pretty good !! But they are pretty expensive, prob too expensive for me

Anyways need anymore help pm me !! hey i still havent decided either
Spring is cherry blossom time. Keep in mind that Japan will be packed with people traveling, so if you go on your own, make your hotel reservations very early.
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