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where to get japanese shows?


3 Feb 2004
i'm looking for a place to get japanese reality tv shows. any torrent link?
and what is the most popular reality tv show in japan right now.

i'm not sure if this is the right forum but since this one have the most post i assume it will get the most respond.. i'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum..

i like koko taihen da yo, but it's old...
popular for foreigners wanting to watch, or popular in terms of japanese people wanting to watch?
okay, I am going to share this:


this is the best forum on the internet for asian films, tv shows, games, and music.

the reason i am cautious of posting it here is that if you want to join, you will have to contribute in some ways or another... seeding stuff and adding shows, games, or music to increase the community. otherwise, you get called a leecher.
I used to watch uchi-p a funny show run by a group of comedians or the binbo battle show, where they would go round to people who were 'poor' and then decide which of 4 win a money prize. Very funny

I dont think the japanese have reality shows like in the west, big brother and all that, its pretty dull and boring, i prefer the things done by comedians (game showish shows)
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