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Where to buy Japanese products?


9 Sep 2003
I'm from spain and i want to buy products from japan, video game systems, comics, merchandising, music, dvd's etc. etc.

Anybody know a internet store?

Tnks :)
I bought some CDs at

and bought books at www.jpqueen.com.

I find the prices there are pretty good and people are very friendly.

You can also try auctions on eBay.

Hope it helps!
Check out:

I think they're correct addresses, I've used them all.

Good luck
I know j-list do t shirts but I don't know if they do manga, anime or music ones.

I'd be interested in them too if someone posts a top tip!
Shirtstop they have some anime shirts, you have to dig through some wall scrolls though, you can search as well.
Does anybody kno where a girl in Texas can shop to get some Anime and J-Pop items like CDs, T-Shirts, and that kinda stuff. My mom doesn't like me ordering online.

email them... even if they don't have a storefront, i'm sure they have a list of anime/manga distributors

and for those interested in manga, etc, I always shop

over there. Good luck!
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