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Where to buy digital manga and own a DRM free file


Aug 2, 2015
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I have been looking for a way to buy ONE PIECE color edition as a digital download. Sadly the website I chose to buy from did not satisfy me. They were promising an epub format. I assumed I could have downloaded the file to read it offline the way I like. And store it in case the website is shut down as it happened with Jmanga. Instead I soon found out that i can read the "epub" inside their online reader only. It is bugging me, I have to wait for the pages to appear, and it is very poor anyway. One can't control the zoom. While reading I was interrupted by the website promotional pop ups and it took me time to reload the page! It is a website called BookLive.
So, is there a better option?
My wishes: the file is mine, not stored on someone else's server. It is DRM free. It would be great if it were multiformat. I am not interested as for now in underground comics, I am looking for mainstream manga only (meaning, published in Japan by a proper traditional publisher, no web/on-line only comics).
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