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Where do I start.....

30 Nov 2003
Well, I will start with a very gracious. HELLO!🙂 Well I am here to learn and to have fun as you could figure out my name is Jason Pitzer. I live in the USA and live in the Mountain State West Virginia. I'm 19 years old getting ready to graduate high school. I go to Phillip Barbour mascots the colts. Hum I love to cook going to college for culinary. Got interested in Japanese culture at an early age 6-7 when I watched my first GODZILLA movie :D and ate at my first "Chinese" Restront. :p IM also looking to make some Pal's & Penpal's along the way. Also IM wanting to travel Japan for a while and any info would be appreciated. Oh I was show to this nice forum by two nice ladies kirei_na_me and Haivert(Whatcha name on here?) Well, that's about it. Thanks for listening to my blabbering.
Yay! I'm glad you FINALLY decided to introduce yourself, Jason! 😄

Everybody be nice to Jason. He's my friend from way back... ;)
Welcome to the forum Jason any friend of kirei_na_me must surely be cool. Hope you enjoy and looking forward to being a friend of yours.
hiya jason and welcome, good name ya got there lol. anyway have fun on the forum.
sup jason!
have fun on the forum.
*Jesus i sound like everyone else on here*


U should like this place plus they got cool smilies!:p 👏 👍 :D :)
Greetings and welcome! So... you fancy yourself something of a culinary genius eh? Well then... are you prepared to step into the Kitchen Stadium?!?!?

J/K heh. Anyways, glad to have you on onboard. Any friend of Rachels is a friend of mine. :cool:
Hello Everyone! =) Now i feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Oh did i just say that!! :D 😲 HEHE but Really Thanks everyone! Oh and ironchef you are on!!! 😄
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