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Where can i watch Online Streaming Japanese TV?(for language practice)

13 Jul 2003
Where can I watch Online Streaming Japanese TV?
I want to practice my Japanese pronunciation and such.
Being in Europe, I thought it might be handy to watch Japanese TV via the web.
Does anyone know where this is possible? (URL's ?)

It can be about anything, news networks, entertainment shows, documentary channels etc. etc.

Is your Japanese at a pretty high level already? If you're only beginner level, I fear that Japanese TV may be too difficult to follow for you to gain much. Perhaps buy a Japanese movie or other show on DVD - turn on the original Japanese soundtrack and see how you get on. It might be a good indicator of how well you can understand TV.

Well, I already watched Battle Royale and am watching manga and anime.
Also, have I played my Japanese playlist until I know the text by heart.

So I really am looking for a bit of variation, and I think Japanese TV would do quite well.

This kind of thing does exist, right?
I mean, Realplayer/RealOne have a huge selection of real-time TV, but that's more American and European.
I'm looking for something like that in Japanese.
Well, downloading the Japanese version of RealPlayer or visiting https://jp.real.com/guide/pnon.html? and you'll find all that you may wish for. However, I'm of the same mind as Tiger... Watching anime with subtitles is one thing (I won't say anything about Battle royale...), but watching Japanese TV another thing entirely. I've been here for some time now and there are still things that completely baffle me... If you're resolute, trying the link above should give you enough stuff to have fun for quite some time. Cheers.
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