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where can I rent a bike in Tokyo?


9 May 2003
Konnichiwa Mina-san!
Anyone knows where I can rent a bike (and not expensive) in a South-Western Tokyo? (I will stay for 3 weeks in Meguro-ku this summer). I used to rent a bike in a hotel when I have stayed in Tokyo, do you think I can go to a hotel and ask for renting a bike if I am not their guest?
If not around Meguro, then any place else wil do... in fact I can just take a train/metro to the place where I can rent it...
Thanks for your help! ;)
Next to Asakusa station by the bridge over the Sumida River is a bicycle rental stand. Its location implies most would rent to ride up the pathways along the river. I can't remember the rate but I remember thinking it was awfully cheap. I don't know if they have longer rentals.
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